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Flying from the disgraceful airport that is LAX where all you ever seem to do is wait in line for something is not cool,its almost like communism.But when you arrive at the magnificent Narita airport it’s a breath of fresh air. We didn’t actually have to que at all from getting off the plane and going through immigration,customs and bag collection.It was so efficient,but this was Japan and I had expected it to be.

Before we knew it we were on the Kesei line on the way into central Tokyo.And that train journey was unbelievable.I felt like I was walking into a scene in Blade runner.It was dark already and all the lights of Tokyo were on in full bloom.It was crazy and stunning.This was the first time I have ever had a really big buzz from being somewhere.

All I could think was,wow I am actually in Tokyo.

When we got to Asakusa station we had to try and find our hostel which was pretty easy to find,and we checked in and got a cool little capsule type bed.Japan is so cool.


Although we had to kill our jetlag again we were up very early and had a busy day ahead of us.In the morning we headed down to Shinjuku but nowhere seemed to be open. Well apart from one store which we went in and it was full of Video games,most notably Final fantasy games that im obsessed with.Mainly because they stopped me from going out when I was saving for my trip.But I had to stop myself from buying one.I was literally in heaven.

i was in a a dream land

So we headed to the imperial palace and spent the morning walking round the east gardens.The east gardens are nice but they were very cold.English winter,then Californian heat,then Japanese winter,this isn’t good for my body.

In the late afternoon we returned to Asakusa and headed to Senso-ji temple which I found fascinating.But it was so busy there we could hardly move.After walking round senso-ji for a while we headed back to Shinjuku.

Shinjuku at night is on another level than anywhere I have ever been.It was crazy.Lights and people absolutely everywhere.It was amazing.We paid a visit to a Pachinko parlour and that was mental.It was the loudest thing ive ever bloody heard.Unfortunately we decided not to play the game,due to cost and worry for my already fucked hearing.

After spending a few hours in Shinjuku we headed back to our hostel where there was a video game music rave,it was kind of cool but got kind of annoying in the end.


In the morning we headed to Ginza and walked round the extremely expensive shops and paid a visit the cool Sony building.And I also managed to find a loaf of bread with around 30 slices.Try finding any in Japan with anymore than 8 slices.There wasn’t really much going on in Ginza so we headed to Harajuku.

In Harajuku we headed to Yoyogi park which was supposed to be the place to be on a Sunday.And there certainly was a lot going on. When we walked in the park we actually saw a tramp with a tv,only in Japan.

We strolled some more and came across a raving painter,he had really loud rave music playing whilst he pranced around and made a work or art.

It was brilliant.After that we saw a gangs of rockabillys prancing round.That was just plain hilarious.Clearly a bunch of complete muppets!

We also got to see some of the famous Harajuku teenagers who dress in allsorts of strange costumes,although some of them didn’t like people taking pictures of them,most of them loved it.As we were leaving people were giving out free hugs so I happily obliged.

After Harajuku we walked to Shibuya,if you go to Tokyo and see one thing it should be the pedestrian crossing in Shibuya.It was mesmerizing,just like a sea of humanity.

Later that night I went to try and watch the football in Asakusa which Richard and Jack,two English guys I met in the hostel.We didn’t manage to find it but on the way back I was approached by a tramp who offered his hand to shake so I decided to oblige(I had gloves on).

Then he motioned something to me with his hand at his mouth and then nodded down an alleyway.At first I thought he was asking me to get him a drink in a bar down the alley.But I soon realized he was offering to perform the act of fellatio on me.God knows why,but it was a very disturbing moment. But as a guy at the hostel said when I told him ‘Tramps in Japan are on another level’.


My only must do thing in Tokyo was to go to the Studio Ghibli museum as im a huge fan of their films.It was a pain in the ass trying to get tickets for but when we got there it was really cool.Although it was a slight letdown as I expected it to be a lot better.But it had some great thinkgs in there.And we got to watch a short film about a dog who got lost. Stacey had abit of a nightmare there to,she somehow managed to smash her head off the metal staircase and got caught taking pictures and was forced to delete them.


In the evening the Australians in our hostel were recruiting people for a piss up that evening to celebrate Australia day.Being a pround Brit I duely turned them down.But then we looked up the definition of it and it was the first day the british flag was raised in Oz. I immediately joined in the fun.

This was also the day an Australian dropped one hell of a bombshell on me.Did you know that Australians get a public holiday for the queens birthday.What the fuck is that about?How on earth can that be allowed to happen.When I return to Britain I shall be kicking off about that big time.

There was lots of banter banging around and I thought the brits were more than holding there own,which was great. Then we got talking about musicians.And a drunk Australian girl was saying what a great guitarist Amy Whinehouse is. Um Amy Whinehouse? I said she was a great songwriter,if a little disturbed.

Then the girl said she saw her play the guitar and than she dropped the bombshell. These are the next couple of sentences that were traded:

Girl: ‘Yeah, Amy is an amazing guitarist, Id say she was as good as Santana’

Me: ‘WHAT THE FUCK? Santana as is Carlos Santana,one of the best guitarists in the world ever?Are you kidding me?’

Most onlookers were looking on and mainly agreeing with what I had said.

Girl: ‘Well ok maybe not Santana(immediately realizing what she had said was complete bollocks),but she is very good.

Me: ‘Well im glad we have cleared that one up,Amy whine house,hahahah what a fucking joke’


We had a night bus to Kyoto booked for the evening so we left our bags in the hostel and headed to Ueno for the day.

I got to visit my second zoo of the trip which was Ueno zoo.A good zoo but nothing fantastic. For the rest of the day we just chilled in the hostel waiting for our night bus.

The best bit about the night bus was listening to Vangelis music whilst driving through Tokyo,very very cool.

James1985 says:
thats because its the best country in the world!
Posted on: Jun 13, 2009
darlingwish says:
ah japan i cant wait!!!!!!!
Posted on: Jun 13, 2009
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i was in a a dream land
i was in a a dream land
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