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We got on our bus from Melacca to Penang which was meant to take 7 hours but took more like 10 hours.What I couldn’t understand was how many people it takes to come on a bus and count the empty seats.This happened in Kuala lumper on the way there and about 10 different people did it.I just thought,fuck off and sort out how many people to put on so we can bloody well leave.

When we eventually arrived in Penang we had to take a triple room which annoyed me greatly but seeing as there was nowhere left anywhere else and that we had to pay stupid prices as it was Chinese new year I was not happy.At least we had air con though.

Priceless in this part of the world.

Dinner turned out to be a real bonus however,but then Penang is famed for its food.


We had to arrange ferry tickets to Sumatra so in the morning we walked to the docks and bought our tickets for the following day.On the way there and back we got to see some of the excellent colonial architecture Georgetown has to offer.If only it was looked after better.

I was getting fed up with all the moving round to be honest and I just wanted to relax for abit so we went to Batu Ferrenghi beach and relaxed for the rest of the day.It was an ok beach but the water wasn’t the nicest.

As we were waiting for the bus I saw a guy on a scooter dart straight in front of a car an then get hit and go flying straight over the bonnet and land on his head.

I couldn’t help but think he was asking for it the way he was driving.He had blood pouring from his head but he seemed ok.

Then on the way to the beach on the bus I saw another crash,literally ten minutes after the other one.But this one really bugged me.The bus had stopped and a girl was getting off the bus when a scooter tried to come down the inside of the bus in between the bus and the curb.The rider had to avoid the girl last minute and ended up sliding along the floor around 15 metres with the bike on top of her.Now what annoyed me was the rider.What the fuck was she thinking going down the inside of a bus at a bus stop.If she had any sense whatsoever she would have thought that bused usually have passengers and when they stop at bus stops these passengers usually get off on to the pavement. What an idiot.

When we got to the beach we found out that they were happy the tsunami hit because their beach got a good wash. Another bunch of idiots.Whilst at the beach an Indian man came up to us with a bag an some straneg whistle.He claimed to be a snake charmer and have a King cobra and brown snake in this bag.Two very dangerous snakes.I told him I didn’t believe him in attempt to see the snakes for free but I wasn’t so lucky.Shame.Maybe il see some in India.

nanie05 says:
hahaha...I hope you still had a good stay in Malaysia despite the snake charmer, crazy motorcyclists etc.
I'm sure Perhentian was fun though!
Posted on: May 07, 2009
tvillingmarit says:
Ha,ha I tried that snake tric to, without luck
Posted on: Apr 20, 2009
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