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The title pretty much says it all really.We arrived in Nha Trang at around 5.30am to an awesome sunrise and one of the wierdest sights ive seen yet.The beach front was full of literally thousands of Vietnamese people doing exercises, or at least pretending to or trying to.Very Strange.

We spent the next 8 days in Nha Trang as we decided to use it as another break within the trip, it was kind of like a holiday within the trip. We stayed in the really good value for money Marino Guesthouse which i highly recommend apart from the fucking cockerel outside.

The first few days were the most productive as we went to the Oceanographic museum ( Aquarium), this was instead of diving, which i wish i had done in the end but i was doing the stupid budget travel thing of saving money,which i then used to get 60films put on my ipod.

I felt better when someone told me the diving was shit.

We also went to the waterpark where i was able to go on a ropeswing/zip line and come away without smashed up ribs like Vang Vieng.

One day when it was overcast we headed to the extremely overpriced mud baths and hotspring. The mud bath was nice apart from when Stacey thought it would be funny to flick mud in my mouth,silly cow. After the bath we spent an hour or so in the hot mineral baths.

The rest of our time was spent relaxing on the beach and making sure we made the most of the variety of food on offer in Nha Trang and also plenty of drinking. We spent alot of time in the Why not? bar, i got really angry one night because they had a child working for them handing out leaflets etc, this sort of thing always bugs me, but when he brought a tray of shots round and started necking them with us thats when i realised something.

He must of been a clever child speaking fluent english, but guess what he was no child, he was Vietnams version of Gary Coleman.

Another annoying thing about Nha Trang is you cant walk more than maybe 5 metres without being asked into a restaruant, to go diving, to buy a book, to go with an easy rider, to buy cigarettes, postcards, maps,sunglasses and all sorts of other shit. Starts to get annoying after a while. Especially when the easy riders stop infront of you on a busy road to ask you it you want to go for a ride with them, arseholes the lot of them!

I alse made the most of a decent dentist nearby and got my teeth cleaned and checked out after months and months of coke abuse! ;-)

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Nha Trang
photo by: rotorhead85