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We got back to Tokyo after an even worse overnight bus than the last one but luckily we got in to the hostel around 6 am and crashed in the common room for a few hours before checking in.

Then we headed to Akhibara for a couple of hours to check out the electrical shops and one slightly weird sex shop,with pictures of customers dressed as gimps all over the wall.haha

Afterwards we just chilled out in the hostel before having a couple of drinks at the strange masquerade party someone attempted to throw.It was only a couple of people with mexican wrestler masks on which was rather amusing.

We had to go to bed early as we had an early rise for our flight the next day and when we got up there was still a few people up, and a few passed out on the couches.Well two to be precise,two australians who were so drunk they got drawn all over,and i mean all over.They even had their teeth drawn on.I found this highly amusing because as far as im concerned if you get that drunk and pass out in a public area you are fair game for practical jokes.I later found out that when they woke up one of them ran straight to one guy and punched him in the face.This turned out to be someone who didnt even write anything.And the guy who threw the punch didnt even get kicked out.

sidtim says:
Hilarious :D
Posted on: Jul 28, 2009
James1985 says:
trust me it was hilarious,im one of those people who sees the funny side of Peodophile written on someones face. They can only blame themselves for falling asleep there. I used to be in the navy and we had a rule if you fall asleep anywhere but your bed then its fair game.

I didnt get any pictures because my bag was packed an i was about to leave, but il speak to my mates and see if they got any and il upload them.
Posted on: Jun 27, 2009
divingandboarding says:
ahh didn't you take any pics of the drunk Australians who got drawn on... sounds hilarious
cool blog man!
Posted on: Jun 27, 2009
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photo by: maka77