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Originally we had planned to go to Guilin first and book onward tickets to Chengdu for a few days time. But we soon realised that we would pass through Yangshuo which is where we wanted to be, and that we could book onward tickets from there.

So after waking up on the night bus to the most amazing scenery at dawn of limestone karsts basked in mist we arrived in Yangzhou around an hour later.

After finding some cheap and ok accomodation we decided to sleep for a while and have a look around later on.

So when we awoke at 1.30pm we headed out.

Yangshuo was a really nice place but VERY touristy , not all bad, but slightly annoying especially when some of the Chinese tourists feel like they have a right to be served before you etc. Not all though.

We just pottered around and ate well today and decided to do some more sightseeing tomorrow.


After getting up at around 10.30am we rented bikes and decided to take in some of the countryside around Yangzhou and head to Moon Hill. So we rode for about 1 hour until we reached Moon Hill.

The ride was actually quite chaotic as there were hundreds of tourist coaches racing up and down the road at ridiculous speeds so you had to be careful, but the countrysides beauty was unbelievable.

When we got to Moon Hill we just wanted to see the hill which was like an archway at first and then had planned on going for another ride further on.

But as we got into the Moon Hill scenic area we started walking up the steps and before we knew it we were on a hike up bloody steep steps to the top. Stacey counted them and there were 745 steps and countless sloped paths.

Halfway up the heat had almost killed us and we had to rest for a while before realising we weren’t that far away from the top. So we carried on to a patio area under the archway of Moon hill only to be pestered by loads of old woman trying to sell us water. It was funny because someone had taught them to say “colder water” to you if you claimed to have your own.haha.

We sat there for a while before finding a dirt path up there that we thought would take us down the other side, but as we followed it, it just kept going up and then we were pretty much climbing up a mountain in flip flops, not the best attire.

But when we reached the very top the views of the surrounding area were awesome. Possibly the most beautiful place we have been yet, but its just like Halong bay without the water.

When we finally got down to the bottom we were fucked and decided to just slowly ride back, it can be really annoying sometimes because you plan on getting a lot done but the weather pretty much fucks you over and you find yourself incapable of doing anything else.

In the evening we just chilled out and read while trying to sleep through all the music be cained out by the local bars.


On the third day we were there an american couple we had met suggested about going for a bamboo raft ride down the yulong river. So we agreed as it wasn’t too bad a price and seemed like fun.

So we hired bikes again and headed for the river, the ride was quite a nice one taking us again through stunning countryside and eventually to the river where we boarded the rafts.

The journey was going well until Stacey dropped her camera, luckily on the raft, but it smashed her screen thus meaning she couldn’t see anything she was taking pictures of. I got a little bit annoyed because along with my shit camera which has been awful since the waterfall incident in Thailand we now had another one without a screen.

My anger was shortlived however when we watched a Chinese woman on one of the other rafts attempt to steer with the bamboo pole, and it got caught in the rocks. She tried to pull in out but instead of letting go it pretty much pole vaulted her, half into the water and half onto the raft of someone else. I could not stop laughing at her, it was one of the funniest things I had seen in a long long time.

The raft journey lasted 90 minutes and luckily when we got to the other end our bikes where there as we had intrusted them to some Chinese guy at the start of the trip.

After that we headed back to town and looked around for abit before chilling out until dinner.


Our last day in Yangshuo which we would be very sad about as we had really fallen in love with the place.

We got our tickets from the travel agent to Chengdu and when we went to pay the price had got lower again. This is the second time I had this happen to me in China, it is pretty much unheard of the price going down in south east asia after you had agreed a price. So we were pretty chuffed.

After lunch we got bikes again and headed for a countryside trail by a river to cycle along. After getting lost a couple of times we found our way and the area we rode was stunning. Going past farmers at work and water buffalo wallowing in the mud and water. The area however reminded me a lot of home in the summer, ok take away the limestone karsts and Water Buffalo but it wasn’t that much different from south devon.

We eventually found our way to a dead end at the river where we sat for a while just watching the scenery and boats go by, this place really was almost perfect, in my eyes putting almost anywhere I had been yet to shame, mainly because there was no-one there to piss me off or hassle me. When I comes to leave Yangshuo I would really miss it.

In the evening when we decided to buy a few gifts we were approached by a local man who told me his daughters homework was to speak to a westerner in English. I happily obliged only to be amazed at how good his 8 year olds English was, we did however become somewhat of a tourist attraction and shitloads of Chinese people gathered round us and just staring. Quite amusing!

Deats says:
Cool place, id like to go back. I remember getting trashed the last night and we missed the fucking train from Guilin!
Posted on: Jun 02, 2010
James1985 says:
well luckily for her i have no accent, so talking to me is good for her. Im how English is meant to sound. It was a really lush place. I loved it there. Thinking of teaching english there. Although i may have to go back to Pingyao to take this dog who lives here.
Posted on: Aug 22, 2009
johnyb66 says:
So how does a south west accent actually help a young girl improve her english. :)
Good blog mate. Sounds and looks like a fantastic place.
Posted on: Aug 22, 2009
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