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all my stuff im taking on my bed!

After dreaming about this trip for years,in May last year i finally booked flights that would take me and my girlfriend Stacey round the world anti-clockwise.The flights are

London,UK->  Los Angeles,USA -> Tokyo,Japan -> Singapore  (overland segment) to Beijing -> New Dehli,India -> London,UK

Now we have less than a week before we go and its all becoming very very real,which a good thing(obviously).I have all my stuff ready and everything is in order,apart from the fact i have my brother banging on my door every morning because he wants my room when im gone.hahh.

In the last 6 months of saving as much as i can , i had pretty much given up on a social life having not been out on a saturday night once.I have even been given stick for it from alot of my family but i think they seem to forget when im relaxing on a beach in Malaysia,exploring Angkor wat in Cambodia and walking the Great wall of China,they will be down at the dole office getting the money and having no life whatsoever.

Hope these help,not that ive had the best experience with guide books!
Il be thinking of them.haha.

I keep thinking im going away at the wrong time aswell,the pounds as bad as its ever been,ACDC are finally touring(my favourite band ever) and it looks like im going to miss them,and Torquay drew Coventry in the FA cup(one my local team and the other the team i support) and i wont be here.And these things did put me down,but now that the trip finally feels real i dont seem so bothered about all of it.In fact,i couldnt give a shit.

So on the 15th of January 2009 i leave for 11 months backpacking around asia,the trip of a lifetime!Il try my best to keep the blog up but seeing as i wont have a computer with me it will only be done in internet cafes!Anyways......................Bye!!



James1985 says:
i think i just needed to get it of my system to be honest! I probably wont see them now, its time for them to knock it on the head!
Posted on: Feb 17, 2010
James1985 says:
thats what i heard, but i would of liked to of seen them. i even hear some rumours that Brian Johnson mimed?
Posted on: Feb 17, 2010
James1985 says:
too many to list!
Posted on: Aug 21, 2009
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all my stuff im taking on my bed!
all my stuff im taking on my bed!
Hope these help,not that ive had t…
Hope these help,not that ive had …
photo by: James1985