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We woke up at 9 this morning. It was a bit late but we should go to Gyeonju today!
We go to bus terminal of high speed by subway. It was last station of route 1 subway. We bought 1day pass of subway. It was W35,000 and we could take route1 & route2 in a day.(there are only 2 routes of subway)  Then we took high speed bus. It was W40,000 and it was left from there several time in a hour. It was really convenient for travelers because Gyeongju has world heritages. 

We arrived in Gyeongju after an hour. and we took bus again to go to Bulguksa.  It was really cold because there is middle of mountain.
But I really liked this temple. Bulguksa was built in about 751year. They made restoration  some times. 
Especially I loved yellow color wall of a corridor.

Seems like it made me take a trip to long long time a go.  I bought picture post card in here. It was include my favorite place. Then I sent the post card to my daughter from Busan nevertheless she is with me:)

Then we went to Sogklam(I don't know real spelling) by shuttle bus from Bulguksa. We went to near the top of mountain than Bulguksa. We could see snow on side of the road. Sogklam was a bit far from the bus stop. We walked about 10min in the cold. But I felt more far!!  I found interesting things in here when we leave. There were a lot of tiles it's something written on the surface. It was like a memories that someone as tourist came in here. They wrote wishes. I could see address of company that near  my house and they came in here same day!  Oh!World is small!!

I had good experience in Busan this time. It was cuisine, place, way of moving also. And I noticed that I love Busan more than before. I would go to there more and more!


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180 km (112 miles) traveled
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photo by: Deats