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My french friend Mathieu had to go to another country till 2nd in Jan for visa. And he will come in Japan again next 3months. I decided to go to Korea with him. I needed to go to somewhere because I didn't make travel for long time. Fortunately Busan is nearer and cheaper country from Japan.

I wanted to try new cuisine and place in Busan this time. I didn't want to use time as usual place in Busan. That's why I went to Busan tower and Nampodong,Chagarchi market area after arrived soon because we arrived in the hotel already at 4pm.
 After all it was good time for me because I never saw Busan tower was light up. It was changed maybe 5 colors. And we went to dinner of Korean BBQ in Chagarchi.

There was buffe style. We could eat Korean BBQ at W10,500 per person;)

Next day, we wanted to make small trip in Korea. But we didn't wake up early time. Then we went to Tongne in north Busan. There is town of hot spring but we didn't go to there. We took lunch at restaurant that is famous of Pajong. I asked to them "Can you recommend to us anything else?" she said "burned rice with sweet sorse is good".  Sure, I should try it. I forgot the name of cuisine. It was good but my daughter couldn't take it.    After lunch we went to Kongou national park. I thought it's the park and there are like a field with some play game. But looks like it was a hiking course. I saw it after take off a ropeway. Ohh! I were boots!! It was impossible walk a lot!!  Mathieu & Ayano climb big stone.  They could see beautiful landscape from here, I never could see:(  Ayano said that she liked playing on big stones. I did like this play when I was child but we don't this play in Japan recently. She also had good experience in here;)

We left Tongne then we went to Heunde beach. I love this coast but it was almost dark when we arrived in there.
That day I tried another cuisine at dinner. It's a Sorlontan (soup). It's made by bone and internal organs of cow. But it was not bad smell and color is white. I wouldn't take it if I knew it's made by them. I'm lucky because I didn't know it and it was quite delicious soup!


RH122 says:
Interesting blog !
Posted on: Jul 15, 2009
momiji says:
Where are the photos of your friend??? :P
Posted on: Jan 28, 2009
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Busan tower was changed 5 colors
Busan tower was changed 5 colors
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