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We get up in the morning with the sun shining beautifully through the window. We were supossed to get up at 5am to go swimming in the ocean but we missed it. Oh well. We go downstairs for breakfast and they have yogurt and oats, my favorite food:)
Then my friends go and pick up their coats from the woman across the street. They fit perfectly.
Today our guides take us downtown in Hanoi to see some museums and shop.
I find a pair of pants at a shop, which also fit me already so she didnt have to size them.
There are so many winter coats in the shops and I am not sure fi it ever gets cold enough to wear them in Vietnam.
After this we go to the airport to wait for our flight to the southern part of Vietnam where we will stay in Saigon aka Ho Chi Mihn City... I like the sound of Saigon better. So I call it that.
At the airport we get on a bus and meet our new guides. We get to our next hotel which doesn't have enough windows.
We all go downstairs for dinner and it is already pretty late. We then go to bed.

The next day we are ready to leave to go on a boat tour and stuff all day. One guy who is on the trip with us says he has to go to the bank.. he is gone for a very long time and our tour bus wants to leave without him. We are all worried about what happened to him.. and we say we want to wait. Finally we see him in the distance running towards the bus. They had taken him to the back part of the bank and made him sign a bunch of papers, etc.
The guide jokes about this the whole rest of the day. He was so funny!

We went on a boat ride along a river and then after that we switched to littler boats and went to a place and had fruit and tea and listened to traditional vietnamese music. We tried Durian however you spell it. They told us that it tastes very sweet but smells very bad. It tastes like onions to me. None of us liked it!!
Then we continued on this little journey and went to a place that made coconut candy. We tried some samples and loved it so we each bought a few packs of it to bring home. This candy is so good!

Then we see a little boy holding a giant snake and people take turns holding it. Then we have some more tea.. and then continue on.

We walk and get to where we will be eating lunch. This day begins to get weird at this point.
The waiter at this place asks who would like to order Cobra. A bunch of the guys in the group we are with decide that they want to. They go to the back with the waiter and watch as he cuts off the cobra's head and pours its blood into shot glasses and mix it with corn wine.
He brings this on a tray and they each get together to take this shot of cobra blood. One girl in the group wants to do it too.
By now our food is here and we are all watching them take this shot.. the girl then turns around and throws up into the bushes and then begins to cry.. she then runs away to go for a little walk and get fresh air. After all this no one is really hungry all of a sudden..
And then suddenly it begins to get dark, windy and thunder and lightning starts.
I don't have a rain parka!!
Some of us go back to the little boats... there is sort of a roof over them...
We get in and go down this little river in the storm and its all windy and the trees are blowing and its suddenly so dark out..
We then get on the other boat and everybody is really wet.
We have to get back on our bus and I put on a sweater to be warm..
We then make our way to a ferry which we had to go on for some reason... and there is a truck full of pigs on the ferry. They all have numbers painted on them. The girl who took the shot is still feeling sick. Knowing she is sick, seeing these pigs and hearing them squeal, and being on this boat in the storm was making me feel sick and things were seeming kind of strange for some reason...
We get to our next hotel which was called The Asia Hotel..
We go in and there is a section in the middle of the hotel where the rain drips down into a middle section.
The hotel has stains and stuff all over the floor... It is a strange hotel.
My friend Kaitlynn and I took some photos here that look like ghosts just for fun (we are pretending to be the ghosts)...
The hotel just adds to the day.
Then we go out for dinner at a place which was nice. Suddenly a parade is going down the street and everyone gets up to look out the window...
We go back to our hotel and go to sleep...
dont let the bed bugs bite.

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