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I have the days all mixed up now. I have no idea which date this should be and why I was on 14th when it should have been way later. Oh well.

We wake up and it is now our last day in Vietnam, though I may have missed a few things here and there...
We get up and we are going to the floating markets.
We get on two boats and float around the floating market which is people selling stuff on boats. It is very cool.
Then we continue the boat ride down another river but our boat gets stuck in the grass so our driver gets out and into the water and pushes the boat.. hahah
after all this we go back on the land and meet the other boat who had turned back when they got stuck (we just kept going)..
At one point we got out and walked for a bit and I really had to go to the washroom again so we asked our guide if he could ask at a house if we could use their washroom so he did and we went and there was this little old lady and she showed us her washroom which was just the ground and while my friend was using it she was talking to me but she didnt speak any english so i have no idea what she said to me..
when we went back onto the boat someone had gave us a bunch of fruit so we ate that on the way back and it was really good..
We went back to the ferry... this time there were no pigs and it was an uneventful little ride...
We stopped at one place where I asked to use the washroom (yes I have bladder issues) and I went in the back and there was a woman laying on a bed and I actually think she was dead. Her mouth was open and she was looking up at the ceiling and looked not so I ran out of there and asked at a different place...

We went back to that other hotel.. we got a better room this time. We all went out together at night..
we went walking to find somewhere and there were these 2 places right across from eachother and one of them was owned by 2 australian guys i think.. they had "quebec poutine" on their menu and $2 tequilla shots.
So we went there.
We saw a bunch of post cards with pictures of Vietnam on it so we each got one then passed it around the table and signed stuff for eachother on it as a memory of our trip together.
I ordered Blue Lagoons and they were cheaper and stronger than here.
We also ordered some shots of tequilla.
After this we went back to the hotel and there was a party that we had in one of the rooms.
We went up to their floor and they were all sitting on the floor in the hallway and told us to duck because there was a bat flying through the halls. It was very funny!!
The party was fun and funny... and we stayed up really late and then had to go catch our flight the next morning to go home.

This was a great trip and I am very glad I did it!!!!

We got back to Toronto and it was cold out.. and I was kinda happy about that:)

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