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We arrived in Hoi An or somewhere close to it and went to a restaurant for lunch. There were lizards on the walls.
The restaurant was very much into presentation of their food. For dessert there was red bean candy type of things but looked like flowers in a flower pot.
We met our new guides here.
Then we went to some museum type of places. We never really know what we are looking at at these places... I prefer to see the way people live and skip the museums.
Anyway, after that long day of museums we finally arrived at the nicest hotel of my life.
It is called the Pilgrammage Village and it's way nicer than my house!!!
It's crazy here.... it is set up like a little neighbourhood with townhouses which are the hotel rooms... Kaitlynn and I had a room on the top. We went in and the floors were wooden.. you look in the bathroom and there are stones in the ground around the shower... there are 3 beds in the room, a desk, silk robes... and there is a couch and a little table with fruit on it in front of a large patio door with flowing curtains and the sunlight shining through. You open the patio door and it leads onto a balcony with lounging chairs. You can look off the balcony to see the swimming pool, one of the restaurants, and the main ground of the hotel. SO NICE.
We all love it here and none of us want to leave!!!


We went to see My Son Sancuary, it was SO HOT today...We stopped for lunch at this ocean side place and then we all ran down to the ocean. It was my first time stepping foot in an ocean and it was a really beautiful beach.. I somehow managed to loose my wallet here and one of the guides found it on the ground and brought it to the bus, unfortunately someone had stolen all my money- which was about $100 and all that was left was my Visa card.. at least they didn't take that.
I try not to dwell on that...
We then are on the bus for awhile while I try not to worry too much about my money being gone...
We stop at a place and meet some women who are trying to sell us stuff. I tell them I have no money and it is no lie.
They tell me I am small like them.
Our guide tells us about a leprocy village below...
and then we went into Hoi An. We went to a shop where girls were embroidering pictures... and there were paintings. We went to another shop that can make you clothes by morning fit specially for you.
We go to our next hotel, which was also very nice. It may have been called The Riverside Resort or something like that. We have a bit of free time... there is a centre where you can go on the internet so I go on the computer to tell my mum and my roommate about my wallet situation.
Then my friends and I take a walk to find an ATM machine because I will obviously need to take more out....
Then we walk into shops near our hotel..
My friends and I find coats that we like. The one I bought already fit me so she didn't have to size it for me. My other friends get measured by a woman who says she will have it ready before we leave early the next morning... she must have stayed up all night working on it!!

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Hoi An