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children trying to sell things
This morning we left Sapa and our bus took us to a road...where there were millions of black hammung women and children (OK not really millions, but a lot) waiting right outside of our bus...we felt like we were famous or something. We got off the bus and started walking through the hills which would eventually lead us to our homestay. These women and young girls followed us the entire way, some with babies on their backs.
We stopped at some random house where we saw their way of life. They had a pet monkey tied up.. with a missing foot.. and we went inside and there was no floor, just a dirt floor. The woman wanted us to take a picture of her with my friend who was on the trip.
People find us so interesting.. well I guess I am not that interesting but some of us are!
We continued on this journey of ours and I began to walk with a little girl.
the view from above of where we would soon we walking... i think
She didn't even really try to sell me anything she just walked with me the whole way and when I would stop to take a picture of something she would wait for me and then continue. We stopped at a little place for lunch and it began to rain.. no one had their rain ponchos with them.
For dessert we always get served fruit and I actually think that bananas are becoming my favorite food, they are extra good here.
The pineapple is really good too!!!
Anyway, after lunch it stopped raining and we kept walking. Most of the women who were following us before waited for us the whole time through lunch so we have them boiled eggs and bananas.
The little girl stayed back in a village or group of houses along the way and I began to talk to this older lady, she told me she was 51 years old.
outside the bus.. they await!
She was the cutest woman I met on the entire trip.. I loved her. She showed me a picture of her son who she said was the same age as me. She told me he was in university.
She kept saying "you buy from me?? you very pretty... maybe later okay???" which they all kept saying in their cute voices.
Once we got to the homestay we immediately went swimming in a river just behind the homestay. There was a very strong current and some of the guys on the trip decided to go down the rappids for fun. I didn't mean to but I got sucked down and ended up on the wrong side of the river.. I tried to swim across but was being sucked down further (there were more dangerous rappids below!) but luckily my teacher who was the leader of our trip saved my life.
My friend Kaitlynn and I walked back and the cute woman who I had been talking to earlier followed us back.
walking with these beautiful people to our homestay
We took a few pictures of us with her along the way. We almost walked right by the homestay but she showed us where it was.
I felt bad because she spent so much time with us but we didn't buy anything from her yet.
We got back and changed and it began to start raining again with thunder and lighting. It seemed like the perfect time for a storm... our tour guides taught us some games and little puzzle solving things which kept us entertained until dinner.
We all sat at the dinner table for a long time after dinner was over.
The girl were staying in a loft above the open dinner area and the guys were staying at a different homestay across the street. At one point after dinner a young toddler came out of a room and began to cry and someone came to get him. It must be weird having strange people in your house like that.
Finally we went to sleep and I began to get a cold and kept coughing all night, thinking it was probably really annoying because I was in a room with all the other girls..

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children trying to sell things
children trying to sell things
the view from above of where we wo…
the view from above of where we w…
outside the bus.. they await!
outside the bus.. they await!
walking with these beautiful peopl…
walking with these beautiful peop…
photo by: Paulovic