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it seems like some photos arent working...
Last night Kaitlynn and I washed all of our laundry by hand in the bath tub.. we hung it out on the balcony to dry but this morning it is still completely wet because of the moist air. It is very moist here. The sheets and pillows feel moist. We had bug nets over our beds and they looked very princess-like.
Anyway we had to put our clothes in plastic bags because it was too wet for our suit case.
This morning before we left our guide took us on a walk around the village, after breakfast. Right before the walk he gave us each a shot of "happy water" which is also known as corn wine. It is very strong, like 54% alcohol or something. Then we went on a walk around Bac Ha.
We saw that they want to build a resort there and then more tourists will come and stay.
After the walk we got back on the buses for a long ride wayyy up in the mountains to where we are now.
walking in Bac Ha
We are in Sapa, a beautiful city among the clouds. I love it here. This is the most beautiful place that I have ever seen.
We are at the Royal View Hotel, room 105. The view outside the window is great.
We had the afternoon free to go shopping so we went around the shops around the town.. apparantly things are more expensive here because this is a popular place for tourists. All of the shops we went to seemed to be aimed at tourists. There are stores here called "Wine and Chocolate"...two great things:) We went to some to buy chocolate. I bought my sister an energy drink to bring home and I bought some vietnamese noodles to bring home to my roommate because he always eats that kind of thing.
the view from our hotel in Sapa

This feels like a ski resort town...
There are these young girls and older women, some are called the black hammong and some the red hammung i think. They stand outside our hotel all day and when we come out they try to sell us things. They are wandering all over the town and they are SO ADORABLE. The most adorable people in the whole world. Their cute faces and little mumbly voices make me want to hug them!! Their teeth however...
Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention... Kaitlynn left our bag of wet underwear on the bus which we realized after we had already been in our room- we ran downstairs and outside but the tour bus is gone... we walked down the street in search for it but couldn't find it.... hopefully the same bus comes back!!

Later on:
We went to dinner at a place just up the street. It was very nice and they had candles on our table. We always get served a lot at meals so there is so much to choose from, there is always rice.
After dinner we went back to the hotel and a lot of people called home. I am not planning to call home the whole trip because people have been having to pay a lot even when the calls don't go through and it's not really worth it to me... but there is internet in the lobby here so I wrote some emails home.


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it seems like some photos arent wo…
it seems like some photos arent w…
walking in Bac Ha
walking in Bac Ha
the view from our hotel in Sapa
the view from our hotel in Sapa
our hotel in Bac Ha
our hotel in Bac Ha
photo by: Paulovic