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How is time going by so fast??? I don't know. I didn't write in here yesterday so I will continue where I left off... we had dinner in Sapa, then took the bus to Lao Cai to catch the night train. At around 4:30am they woke us up because the train in front of ours had broken down or something..actually I don't even really know what happened but anyway we had to get off at the next stop which was not Hanoi.
Luckily we had tour guides with us who called for a bus to come get us. There were so many tourists who didn't know what to do. We wanted to take them all with us but for some reason the bus driver or tour guides didn't want us to.. they didn't want to be resposible for them or something but we managed to get one guy on who was american but living in Thailand and just travelling in Vietnam.
Then we went for breakfast... and then to different areas around Hanoi that sold different types of things.
The wood area was not exciting. The silk area.. was nice.. and the clay area..
We went back to our hotel which was the same one from before and we had free time and could eat dinner wherever we wanted. We ate at a place near our hotel that served american food...
We sat down and no one came over to us which normally happens at a restaurant in Canada, so we didn't know what to do but finally we called them over... I got french fries and Kaitlynn got onion rings. They also didn't really speak english which also made everything kind of confusing. But that
s Ok...
Then we went back to our hotel and I used the internet for 15 minutes in the business centre.
Our clothes still weren't dry from that time we washed them in Lao Cai so we had to re wash them and hang them up to dry in our window.. so we had to sleep with the window open and the next morning we had misquito bites all over our faces hahah.
I had 4 on my face all in one little spot!

I am now moving on to a new day but I forget which day is which now in my journal from skipping...
We ate breakfast at the hotel. Then we took the bus to some market that supports disabled children. They call the bathroom the "happy room"... happy room, happy water. there's a lot of happiness here.
We contiinued our ride to Halong Bay to get on our boat... Kaitlynn and I have to have a room on the boat with a double bed because there aren't enough rooms with single beds but we don't care.
It's a very nice boat... I was imagining some kind of tiny boat where we would all be squished into one little room underneath.. but it is not like that at all. It is luxurious.
On the top there are a bunch of chairs you can lay on.
At meals there are a couple who play traditional vietnamese music for us.
The meals consist of mostly sea food.. including baby octapus.
We just went into a cave then some people went swimming off the side of the boat.. I didn't because today is my day to take pictures of everyone so I took pictures of everybody jumping in and stuff.
Tomorrow we go kayaking all day.

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photo by: mario26