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When we arrived at Mallaka central bus station yesterday,t here was a pesky tout who I ignored but Josh got collared. He took the flyer and we made our way to the same hostel by coincedence! This tout also lives in the hostel and works touting, he also turns out to be a very good guide. Last night (Sunday) he took us around the market and bought some weird Malay food for us to sample. We hit a bar and there was a sort of face off between the nextdoor bar, there live singers took it in turn to sing Elvis songs. Quite funny.

Woke up early this morning and took a walk, got back and Me Josh and PAual went and bought our tickets to Kauala Lumper for tomorow. Stopping off at the massive Tescos, I needed some Bran Flakes if you know what I mean. Im not having milk with them, as it seems they only sell condensed, Eurgh, it makes coffee interesting, nearly undrinkable, so have been sticking to canned ice coffee, much better.

We took a walk through the big shopping mall, and had some budget Nandos chicken for lunch. All of 1.50qudi each

Tonight, Pete the local took us to a free, yes free restaurant, a local Buddhist monk survived the Bali bombings, and because of his beliefs and karma etc set up a restaurant that promotes vegetarianism. Alll the food and drink is free, help yourslef, and really good. I felt guilt when I had my second big plate full of bombay potatoes and rice, beans etc etc. Wasnt struck on the seaweed soup, but gave it a go.

There has been some amazing thunder and lightening tonight, I tried to catch it on my camera, theres one picture on photobucket.

So now in the net cafe, going to figure this map thing out and get this sorted properly, then pack my bags ready for tomorrows adventure.

Ooh, I forgot, so why the title? There are a few people in the hostel, me Paula and Josh, plus we've now met a Scottish guy, one from Southampton, a girl from Denmark and 3 more from Holland, and a couple in there 30's from Holland. All but the couple are heading for KL tommoros, we're sticking together and are going to try and find a hostel together, from there we'll be splitting, but its great, so many good people and laughs.
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photo by: louise2553