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Been, without internet for a few days because its so much busier here in my new home (http://www.the-inncrowd.com/) , so a lot to wrirte, and alot forgotten probably.

My last night in Dropin@Emily park was not a pleasnt one, following the curry earlier in the day, I regretably topped up with some Thai Black pepper beef and rice. Im glad I can use chopsticks, because when its sweaty and uing plastic one's a novice would struggle.. actually i did struggle it took a lot longer to eat than it should, I think I prefer the Indians method of fingers and bread. After making a quick run home, I reached the toilet just in the nick of time. Feeling rough, I went back to the dorm, where a guy who was stopping over on his way home in England from a month in Vietnam. He was making a loyt of noise, and complained he was ill. I offered help, which he kindly refused.

I dropped off to sleep, and woke again with my guts doing summersaults, the Vietnamese to England guy wasn't in bed, but I could here the posh autoiflush toilets next door firting off every couple of minutes, infact everyone in the dorm could!! I made a dash for the toilets, shouting over to make sure he was okay, giving him a good chuckle from the noises I was making. Hey, we're both i'll but theres nothing wrong with having a laugh about it?

I couldnt sleep, neither could Charles a local, who was stopping in the city for a while. Charles decided he would complain about the noisy water system, and as he had a few nights left, asked if he could change rooms, I backed him up saying it had woke me, but I was okay, as leaving later that day.

I decided to sit outside next to a mah..gnificent fish pond, hoping the relaxing water would help me dose of, it was either this or spend time on the net, but it was down . The fish pond was maybe 6 metres long, 1.5m wide, and 0.5m deep, crystal clear water, with lots of tropical fish, the type us English keep in tanks. Its hard to believe that these type of fish live in a normal outdoor p[ond here. They certainly looked impressive with the lights and bamboo cane settings.

I headed back off to bed some two hours later, and woke up at 08.30. Packed my stuff up, and checked out. I forgot how damn heavy my bag was!! It helped being early morning, the heat and humidity not quite at its most aggresive.

I had sussed out and payed the money for my new home, so it was only a short walk, through little india, hopefully it wouldnt be as busy as the previous night, where it appeared every man from Singapore had turned up to visit the weekly Sunday evening market. It was now about 10am, I dumped my bag in a holding area, as check in was at midday, and headed off to Sim Lim Square, a massive (think the Mall at Bristol) IT mall. I need a camera, Singapore is going to be the cheapest place I visit for Techy stuff. I was amazed at how many shops were there, and each one is selling the same stuff! Its a bit of a barterring plafce aswell, I ve currently got the Canon Ixus i zoom down to S$450, which is 158GBP, I thought this to be a bargain, from memory this camera retailed at over 300GBP. After I had it checked on the internet for me, I found you can get it on amazon for 167GBP, but it did retail at 320GBP not so long ago. I'm going to go and barter him down to 100GBP, especially with my evidence.

I returned back to Dunlop Street, and went to sleep until 18.00, still with a bit of a dicky stomach. I took some tablets to help., but my belly wouldnt stoop talking and I had to go and relieve myself, I panicked a bit when it came out bright green :S then I remebered I had , had a funny blue drink, full of colouring made in china earlier on that day. Few.

I wandered in to the chinese open market and browsed the sun glasses, I had seen some stalls selling them at S$3, just over a quid, fake brands, doesnt matter if they get broke stolen or lost. I opted for an expensive S$10 pair. Feeling a little hungry, I walked around to find somewhere to eat, I didnt really want to, but I went into Burger King, and bought a supersized swiss double meal. I thought it best, having had funny food for a few days. Give my belly a rest.
It was satisfying to have something that wasnt spicy, and simple.

I retunred back, fell asleep after reading some of my book, and woke again at 0100. This room doesnt have air conditioning, which I find better, it means you dont keep shocking your body, hot cold hot cold.

I went outside for a fag, and a guy who resembled buddy holly was sat on the bench outside. I sparked up conversation, and found we had an awful lot in common. Lee and I sat and chatted for three hours. He'd spent a lot of time (2months) in India and was glad to be in safe Singapore, theres apparently a lot of trouble with curfews etc in place. He'd also done a trek up the base of the Himalayas, this sounded incredible, maybe another time for me though.

Lee headed of for Bangkok an hour ago, but I expect we'll meet again, we're doing a similiar route, only hes doing Bangkok back down through Malaysia, and Im doing it South to North.

I woke up 07.30, and thought I best make use of the early wakening, and have a shower before everyone else. I made myself some toast and coffee in the kitchen. I then had another shower, packed and set off to find the paradise island of Sentosa (http://www.sentosa.com.sg/). I fot on the MRT* at Bugis station and alighted near the sea front/docks. I wandered around and could see the cable car which was out of comition due to routine maintenance. I couldnt find the damn bus stop, and ended up walking along the water front for half an hour, I hit the shops, and got back on the MRT to Raffles. I had a wander around the area, my attire wouldnt let me into Raffles so I didnt bother trying.

Internets limited to an hour here so, im on 52mins and have a few things to research.

Update tommorow
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