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Had dinner in Hawker stand in Little India, oddly it was Chinese, but nice all the same S$2.90 (just over a quid) for some mixed meat noodles, looked safe, the typical meats, tasted good and filled me up. Im gonna stick to hawkers as they seem so much more good value, even more so than the McDonald or Burger King super sized meals at a little over two quid (sorry no pound sign here).

I made my way back home stopping looking in various shops, amazed at the amount of cheap cloythes that are available, they may be fakes but if so theyre good fakes, and for 2~3 quid a tshirt are hard to resist.

I got my book from my room and sat out front people watching and reading. Two what I thought to be French blokes were also sat with me, one started talking to me, recognising he sounded not so French anymore, I guessed he was from Canada. Bingo, both of them were. We had a good natter, the weirer of the two has been travelling since Nov 2004, but then I doubted nearly everything he said. But they were friendly enough.

I went to bed at 01.00 and woke at 12.00 when some new arrivals were being shown there room, I guess I needed the sleep!!

I had a look through some books, and decided to head off to the East Coast Beach Park, not to far away. I got on the MRT at Bugis, and alighted at Bedok. Refereing to my guide, it suggested taking three buses to get to my destination, this was going to be fun. The bus station was very organised, and the info centre said to get on the 196 at blk19, then she drew a line and wrote 18 in a bubble! Not sure what it meant, but Im sure she was trying to help. I queued for maybe five minutes and got on a nice clean bus, with TV!! The 15 minute journey cost about 30p, was comfortable and meant I got to see some of Singapore rather than whizzing by on the underground.

When I arrived at blk19 I was certainlty not in the hustle and bustle of the city anymore, more a housing estate, a lot of schools, covering different religions, and lots of stunning buildings, including some of the schools. I had a look at the available time table at this stop and saw one with blk 18 on, maybe this was what she had meant? So bus 16 came along, and I asked the driver if this went to the beach,nop. Ok, so I got off. Looking confused and like a lost tourist I wandered up the street and back again to the stop. Looked at the time table scratching my head. I wished I had a compass!! There was a Malaysian looking guy on the stop as well, after some wandering about and me looking thick he asked where I was going, I told him , he said theres no bus from here to the beach, you just need to walk under the underpass and your there!! Bingo, how do I do it??

It was tipping down with rain as I walked along the white sandy beach, thunder and lightening like I have never seen, I was soaked through, but didnt care, the water was hot and Im on holiday. There were 4 locals catching the odd wave on there surfborads, they gave me a funny look as I was fully cloathed. It also must be a very busy shipping lane, I couinted no less than 30 big big ships, half way between me and the horizon. Popped into McDonalds, this was a posh one, it had a Mcfootwash to clkean your feet from sand, and also a McCafe, a add on which was a coffee shop. Ordered a cake and coffee and dried out a bit, I asked one of the staff how to get back to the MRT.

I arrived back at Busi and decided to go to the cinema that evening, I looked uop the times of the films that wrre on, and set off for some food. I didnt realise there was hawker market this way as well! Well this one was bigger and more chinese than indian. I had a wander around to find the busy one, and queued up. I could see it had a limited menue of two things, one looked lkike a chicken wing rice and sides. The other I was unsure of, so this one I ordered.

I sat down to eat it with my chopsticks. A local called over to say there was a fork and spoon available laughing as I dropped my first mouth of rice down me. I munched away, it seemed okay, spam, fried egg, a fish cake, loads of rice, and some nuts, I wasnt sure about what I thought to be chickens feet, but then noticed one of them looking back at me, it had eyes, well two eyes, I then realised that they were deep fried fish about an inch long, looked very much like deep fried minow. Didnt taste bad, infact I had more problems stomaching the fried egg, I hate fried eggs, I had to help it down with some water from my camelback.

I got home had a shower, and set off to the cinema, I watched "Sentinel", it was ok.
I had a wander around some of the shops, looking for a better price on a camera, but they were more expensive than the UK!

I got home, read some more book, and chatted to the Canadians again. He does talk rubbish.

Managed to get a good nights sleep, 01.00 to 07.30. Which meant I could get ready and hog the PC this morning for an hour!!

EDIT: Rats, I forgot about the rat, whilst I was eating my deep fried minnows, I heard a scream from behind in one of the food stalls. i turned around and a little asian woman was stood there, no teeth laughing holding a bag with a live rat in!! Well it didnt put me off, I went back there today!!
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