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Tuesday was a day of travelling, the most exciting part being an exchange from a large bus to a mini bus, this had 12 seats, for 12 passengers, but very little luggage space, we decided it wasnt going to fit, but the driver proved us wrong. We had very slow journey up through the Cameron Highlands (15% inclines) and ended up at Farther guest house late afternoon. We all stood out of the bus stunned at the beauty of what was around us, and considering where we had just been, it was a total contrast.


The added bonus was that the hostel was spotless, the best since Singapore for me. Clean, good buzz, busy and well organised, not to mention only 1.20GBP a night!!


After organising our beds, we hit the town and had some amazing chicken pancake things for tea, followed by fresh strawberry pancakes (Rotis?).

Headed back and had a nice relaxing evening talking over a few beers.

Wednesday, we had a bit of a lie in, and decided to skip the expensive organised tours and do it ourselves, opposed to the 40Ringet to the tour operators we jumped on a 1.80Ringet bus and walked a couple of kilometers to the 'Boh' tea plantation.


We sat on the veranda with out cups of tea and cake feeling chuffed. It was super tea aswell, I had some apple pie and ice cream.


On our walk back, it tipped down, common in the highlands, well it happens every afternoon. We got soaked and dried a little at the fruit and veg market next to the bus stop. Some fresh sweetcorn, strawberrys and cherry tomatoes relieved the boredom of waiting for the bus.

In the afternoon, the mad Dutch girls (who we had met in Melaka a couple of weeks back) had bought a volley ball, and wanted to play. I got changed into some small shorts, and soon realised that the ground was extremely slippery. I decided a white tshirt was not appropriate, so ditched that . We al;l went bare footed, but I seemed to fall flat on my face everytime I hit the ball. I ended up covered in mud from head to toe. Oddly it was only Olly who also fell, but only the once? I think it may have been my commited dives and awkward shots that swang the balance. Rather than the shower I got hosed down so as not to clog the showers, then had a shower.

The 3 dutch girls tagged on to our group of 5, along with an Australian guy for tea, where we had to flip a coin to choose between restaurants which were next door neighbours. They were both touting, so it was the only fair way to do it. Good food as always, a Tanoori chicken set for me, with some tiger beer. Olly and I went haves on a bottle of whiskey and coke, ready for the nights game of texas hold em.

Ive never played any type of poker before so a quick brief on the rules and the mammoth game of Texas hold em began. We played for matches with a pool of 5Ringet each from the 8 players. I got off to a good start getting up to about 200 matches from a start of 50 in the first few rounds. The game lasted about 6 hours, and it came down to me and a dutch girl who held the majority of thematches. I clawed back but was getting tired, and busting for a wee so made some big gambles to help end the game either way. I eventually bought myself out, meaning no loss to me.

If you ever stay in a hostel, you will soon learn that to make friends you dont pack your clothes in plastic bags, certainly when you intend to pack early am. The idiot woke everyone in the dorm up whilst taking about 30 mins stuffing noisey carriers into his rucksack. So everyone has a bad head today, after lots of drink plus plastic bag mans early morning call. Still, we visited a strawberry farm this morning.

Tomorow we set off to the Parenthian Islands, Me, Callum, Olly, Josh and Paula, plus the other 3 crazy Dutch girls. Managed to get a good discount on the tickets. Lets hope its not a rowing boat?!
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Cameron Highlands
photo by: forevert2