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Woke up at 7am by Daniel the Swedish guy who was in my dorm packing his last stuff. Dropped back off and got up after well needed extra 1.5 hours. The others were still knocking out the Zzz's. Had a shower, stuck my shorts on, and packed my camelback. Filled it with water from the tap, yes the waters safe, even has fluroide in. Had a quick look at the map, and set off for Little India. As I approached I could smell the herbs, spices and jossticks, it was overpowering, open air air and thats all you could smell. A noticable change in population type, mosques etc. Stopped and looked at the amzing buldings with painted statues etc, didnt feel like I could take my shoes and socks off, as I havent cut my nails, they would have probably made a special request that I kept them on .

Walking back down the other side of the road past all the stainless steel shops (Industrial type cookers etc), I was asked to enter a nice looking Tandoori restautrant, opposite the Hawker* centre I was just going to enter. I looked at all the nice looking tandoori food, and sat down. I ordered an iced tea, should have asked for it black, never new it came with milk, and this milk was weird! After looking at the menu for all of two seconds, I decided, Chicken Jalfrezi it is, it was about 11.30am. So I ordered the curry, boiled rice, a chappati and a vegetable samosa. The chef lit up and cooked it behind the couter about 4 metres away. He served it up and rang the bell for the waiter, who put the four plates on my table. Ive read that certain religions in Singapore frown about using your left had to eat with (its reserved for the other end). So set about eating a whole chicken Jalfrezi for brekie with my right hand only. Easy enough, and Im glad I save the chappati to pick up the remnants. I washed this all down with a black coffee. Paid the 3quid bill and set off to China town.

It was a long very wet ten minute walk, but I didnt care, it probably washed the sweat from my t-shirt. Ive never seen rain like it, but it stopped and dried up as quick as it came down. I had a wander around a chinese indoor market, which as you'd expect was predominantly Chinese. Bought a pint of freshly squeezed iced mango juice, and headed for the train station. Hmm.. Im sure it was around here on the map, so I dug it back out and sat down for a fag. A local came and sat next to me, after he finished his phone call, he offered help. He laughed when I asked for the train station(MRT), I soon realised why when he told me I was sat in it. Doh. We got talking, and I explained that Im going to be travelling North. Being very helpful, he wrote all I neeed to know, times, where to tyake a train rather than bus (for safety) and whewe to stop off. Some of the places being Panang Islands and P. Pertartian islands. We swapped email addresses and I followed his directions to the platform. As walked the wrond way, I had a tap on the shoulder, "Youre going the wrong way" said Chew. He had watched to make sure I went the right way and pointed me back in the right direction.

Two trains later and I arrive at Orchard station. This is very much like oxford street in London, big shops, all the usuals including at least three marks and sparks. Went into a big shopping mall, and as I didnt have anuy open shoes decided Id get some. The Hush Puppy shop had a big sale on, and I was tempted by the 15quid sandal types, but then wanted something a little sportier. The first shoe shop I came across also had a sale on on certain brands. All the big brands only a little cheaper than the UK, apart from Columbia, a reputable hiking brand. picked a par for 25quid, that would be closer to 100quid in the UK, bargain, left the box, and the assistant bravely stuck my sweaty shoes and socks in a bag. Along the last stretch I was approached by a local, who said do would I like to be on TV? I agreed, and we walked to the set up camera with crew. A middle aged woman explained that it was for the Singapore Tourist Board. She posed some questions for me to think on whilst they arranged the camera for my height. I did the interview, only five minutes, but I chuckled and thought, dont talk to strangers, two in one day, both ended up positively. Maybe Im the stranger one??

Off out to eat again now.

*Hawker center - a collection of individual stalls selling food at very reasonable prices, in an open-air arrangement. This no-frills experience thats common in Singapore and unique in Asia is probably the best way to sample some of Singapores yummiest perennial local favorites
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