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Okay, just a short one.

I ate out twice yesterday, bot time in Hawker stall's, even though they may not look the cleanest of places, they certainly are cheap. I managed to survive well yesterday, three meals, and a few drinks for less than a tenner!! I also bought some rolling tobacco!! Im steering away from the restaurants, since eating in hawkers I have, lets say firmed up

After speakig to the weird Canadian guy last night about camera's, him owning a Canon Ixus 7.1meg (75?) and me thinking of the Izoom he suggested paying a little more and getting a better camera. I asked Ivor to do a web search in UK for prices, finding the Izoon nearly 30quid cheaper in the UK. I woke this morning and set off fot Sim Lim Squarte, a huge Mall with over 1000 electronic shops and nothing else.

I had in my mind to go for the new Ixus 65. I arrived to find it didnt open until 10.30, so had a wander around Bugis open market. As I approached Sim Lim Square I was approached by a Turbine, who said I was a very lucky man.... I had heard this before from one of his type over by Raffles who I had managed to evade with a smile.

He continued on saying I was a very lucky man and started jibbering asking me where I was from, etc I could see it coming a mile off, he was too smartly dressed, something didnt seem right. He got his wallet out and wrote a few things down., very David Blaine, and screwed the paper up and stcuk it in my left hand. His next question was what was my favorite flower.... LOL he didnt see this one coming...."Chyrsanthumum" I cant even say it, neither could he, Im sure he'd struggle with spelling it much like me. I guessed he had thought being English I would opt Rose, not me, con a con artist :p fool. S he continued his banter, and asked me to select two numbers from a selection of 2,3,4, somehow he had me on this, I opted for 2 and 4. He stuck a ball in my hand, I soon realised why. So we continued with his little show. He asked me to open the screwed up paper in my hand, oh look it said number three, very good. I said "your a magician", he didnt have Chysanthmum written down though, he had the rose, never mind. One out of two wasn't bad He asked for some money, so I offered the equivelant of a penny, he wouldnt take it.. look after the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves?

As I approached Sim Lim a Singaporean said he had watched these conmen for years, approaching tourists, he said look out there was a nother in a red shirt. It was okay though, the ball had stained my hand with some red ink, obviously to mark me to say I had already fallen for the trick, or not as the case may be.

Feeling chuffed I set off to get my camera. I wandered around firing off into lots of different shops, trying to bang down the price. I got the ixus65 down to S$495. Bargain I thought (1GBP = S$2. .The guy was ever so push, and would let me go for a cigarette, he decided to offer me an extra bigger capacity battery and 512 memory card for a total of 555. I wanted a fag, he was getting arsy, then he decided that the canon was not the best deal and a Ricoh which was slightly more would be better. Hmm I smell a rat, but thius one only had two legs. He started demoing the Ricoh against the Canon, through a monitor, well when I noticed he was certain to plug certain cables into certain cameras, I knew he was upto mischief. At one point the canon looked aawful through the monitor, but he knocked the cable and it got as good as the Rickoh for a short secondf, suspicsious.... Looking through the settings I noticed he had the canon on crap quality, and the Ricoh on top. Duh, how thick does he think I am, I'd had enough, I got up and saifd Im going for a fag. He was still dropping the price of the Ricoh as I walked out the door, then dropped the price of the Canon. I said ok, I'll be back. After my fag, I nipped back and he the Canon ready for me, brill I thought, I went through the box, hmm, no international warranty, a two pin plug, no charger. I asked him, where the chgarger was, ahh, this is extra Sir, the warranty is also an extra. LOL really. Cheerio.

I went in next door, where I had spent a loty of time looking at cameras, and explained what had happenend to the guy who Ive probably spent in excess of two hours with going through cameras, he said S$600 for the same deal. Brill I nearly snapped his hand off, same dealexcept this was no dodgy import, he even swapped out the 2 pin plug for a uk one. Job done.

Just got back, so going to play with my new gadget, get ready fro some shakey hand photos, I need a beer
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