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Well thats meant to sound like the jaws theme tune.

So a long old jaunt in a minibus, the main highloght was hijacking the drivers radio with our ipods and my itrip, he couldnt figure it out, but it meant we had decent music to listen too. Sat up front, felt it best to keep my eyes closed most of the time, better than jumping at every near miss.

We arrived at the jetty point for the smaller of the two Perhentian Islands at around 15.30. ready for the 16.00 bus, but because it was Friday, the woman had stubbed her toe and her husband had bad wind, the boat was delayed. Not a lot to do at the jetty point apart from lounge about, I managed to find some goats which I fed the remainder of some baby sweetcorns we had bought in the Highlands.


The speed boat was comfortable and the sea relatively calm, so managed to keep everything where it was meant to be. Approaching the islands some 30 minutes later was amazzing, it really did look like a paradise island, sort of reminded me of the one from Lost.


Once we had dropped some people at different beaches we arrived at Long Beach, and it was our turn to get into a really small boat to get to the beach. The small boat driver was a nutter, he managed to get 6 of us in with our bags, we thought it was safer for only 4. Getting out of the boat and into the sea was a shock, I didnt realise the sea could be that hoy, it was like a bath!!

The sand was scorching so we sat in some shade while Callum Ollie and Josh went off to find accomodation, they returned after checking everywhere and only finding one room with two beds and a balcony. It was going to be a squeeze for the 8 of us!

When we all turned up at Rock Gardens, it looked like it was certainly going to be an adventurous night.

We decided due to the sleeping arrangements, we'd sample some Sangsom Whiskey and Monkey Juice, me and Olly paired up on a few botttles of each and watched Josh quicky drink his and Callums bottles in record time. After Josh demonstrating some of his cool dance moves such as the bow and arrow and the sprinkler, he started to flag, so much so I took him to bed. After some more dancing, we all retired to our bed(s). I woke up to Callum having a little tantrum about Joshs sick breath and my snoring. Well what do you expect 4 blokes in a double bed all drunk, it wasnt going to be the Hilton?

The following day was spent relaxing on the beach and watching fish swim around our feet in the bath warm totally clear sea. We booked a snorkelling trip, and tried to borrow a locals underwater digi camera, but he suggested that the ~10quid he wanted to charge was to much for us, so that was the end of that.

Well snorkeling, what a day, we set off in a small boat (held 8 people) with our fins and snorkels etc and the all important fags and sunscreen. We first stopped in the middle of the sea as there was a turtle? I didnt see it, well initially I didnt, it was right down deep, and me being an ameture snorkeller had difficulty breathing through my arse, so only caught a brief glimpse.

Off we set again, stoppong just off shore, where there were thousands off brightly coloured fish, not noticing the bit of bread which had been thropwn at me, I started to panic taking on water up my nose and through my snorkel. Paula offered some advice, and I was set, diving down and feeding the fish the bread which was passed my way.

Shark bay, hmm, this sounds exciting as I get out of the boat into the much deeper water. WAIT wheres the boat going, the other guide had set off, and the one in the water said we were to swim to it looking for sharks. I started making tracks, ahead of the guide, and guess who was the first to spot a damn shark, yes me, there is was swimming around underneath me. Not so scared now, I carried on snorkelling to the boat, the remainder of the day consisted of watching some stupid uyanks trying to kill themselves jumping off a lighthouse whilst shouting "AWESOME", fools.

That night was a beach party, where we all got drunk again , this time on the beach, and I had sorted some alternative, clean accomodation out for myself, and one other, we short strawed it, I won (again), and i held and didnt pick.
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Perhentian Kecil
photo by: orcio81