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Ok, been a little while, but a quick update on my journey so far.

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I woke up Saturday morning after listening to the weird Canadian tell me how he had started messing with music and started to hallucinate the night before. Glad he's gone, he kept interupting my book reading time anyway.

I had semi packed my bag the previous evening and stuck all the rest of my stuff in, stripped the bed, and went for a fag. By chance there was an English guy also smoking (Josh), we struck up conversation and he also was travelling to Malaysia that morning, so I decided rather than go to Johor Burha, Id stick with him and a Dutch girl (Paula) up to Melaka. We set off to Lavender interchange in Singapore, and caught the bus marked to Melaka, it was a pleasant journey in anextremely comfortable airconditioned coach, there were only enough seats for ~30, which I believe is a lot less than they cram onto UK coaches. We went through the border and entered Malaysia within an hour of leaving, a further hour on we stopped at a food hall/services and had some sweet corn, I opted for a drink of wheatgrass, bad mistake, but an experience all the same. The next two hours flew by, lots to see, but the Malay kid sat next to me didnt want to chat, maybe I smell bad??

We arrived in Malaka, and after some fun and games managed to find the right bus to the centre, on the way we passed a big Tesco, butits a little way out from us to do a weekly shop, so we're sticking to the local 7/11.

Our new house is not quite as nice as the last but at, 9 Ringet (or however its spelt) is a bargain, approx 1.35 GBP a night!! We have a room for three but no air conditioning, but its comfortable.

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Last night we had a wander around the market and I nearly fell over at how cheap things are, its a different world. We sat and had dinner, where I soon became aware of being conned!! The waiter insisted I had the prawn pancakes, I refused but in the end gave in. The other two guys were allowed there selection. When a plate of appertisers arrived we all started to tuck in, until I was asked for the money to pay for my meal!! LOL there were 8 tiny pancake type things, I soon figured she knew it wouldnt be enough for me, and when she servered the other two she offerd me the option of havin ghte same as them, I refused on principle. Anyway, our three meals and three drinks came to a grand total of three quid. Bargain.

We had a wander and bought some chocolate cakes and a couple of frsh lime drinks, watched a Karaoke contest, which was funny, and set off home stopping for a beer (which cost more than one nights lodgings!) on the way back.

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A good nights sleep saw the start to a good day, a quick shower and the team grouped up, Paula decided she'd head off and do her own thing, me and Josh wandered a Mall , and visited various old buildings etc (see photobucket) and had a good feat off chicken noodles and veg, with two fresh fruit smoothies made there and then for a total of two quid each! Clothes are unbelievably cheap, I bought a t-shirt with a orangutang on, designed by some famous local artist for three quid and this was expensive!

Just found this net cafe, 3 Ringet an hour (~45p), so quickly sifting through the important things.

Plans for the next few days are to head north, and go to Cameroon Highlands, Parenthian Islands on the East coast, I think me and Josh will be doing this trrek together, but Paula's a bit of a lone soldier and will probably do her own thing.

The weather here is more bearable, still hot, but a lot less humid with clear blue skies.

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Thats the derelict buiilding out the back of our digs
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photo by: louise2553