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The 'k' on this keyboards a bit dodgy!!

We all met up at the Melaka bus station around 11am, unfortuantely we couldnt allget on the same coach so changed the time to one where we could, 12.30pm. I was allocated seat 6a, but someone was already sat in it, but I spotted the back two seats were free. After about 15mins, I soon realised why they had been left so. The coach was pumping out hot air to these seats accomanied by the engine heat :S I moved one seat forward next to a local and the much needed air conditioning. A steady drive up saw us lost in Kuala Lumper around 16.00.

Here we are looing lie typical tourists.


After finding digs and splitting up the 3/2/1 combination of rooms (I got the single, not sure whether that was the other guys hint at my wind problems or luc on my part)
we hit the local market reminded me very much of the scenes in scooby doo where scooby and shaggy are being chased down a repetitive corridor. It was a stall of fake trainers, then t shirts followed by watches and finally handbags and bags. This was comlimented by blokes waling around selling all the latest films on copied DVDs. I read an article in a Malaysian paper saying how theyre cracikng down on fake goods. This market was the size of Eastville in the old days right in the centre of KL, also patrolled by police who didnt seem to be cracking down at all.


We had some food and drink, hooray beer D
and set back home to relax for the afternoon, our new home has a DVD player and plenty of copied films from the market to watch. After two films we set off again for a wander, and found a lot of places to be shut. By 23.00 we were in an Indian getting a curry, this was the best meal so far, it cost 2.35GBP including drinks, but being a true Muslim curry house there were no beers, instead wacky coloured fruit drinks. Heres Josh enjoying his "Fantasy".


After regrouping this morning, well sort of, Olly and the Danish girl (she has funny name I keep forgetting) stayed in bed, we set off for the Petronas towers, a couple of short train trips saw us with free tickets for 13.45, we had a couple of hours to kill, so decided to visit Pudu market, a local food market. Another short train journey and a walk found us walking through puddles of blood and a smelly open air market. Yummy.


We decided for some reason it would be a good idea to walk back to the towers, well this turned into a 20 min fast walk, im still aching now!! We only just made it, but were soon sat watching a history of the towers, after a couple of minutes we were in a very smooth lift. One usher asked me if it was raining outside, cheeky git, this was hard earned sweat.

The 41 of 89 stories that we climbed took less than 30 seconds and we were at the bridge connecting the two towers. The views were amazing.


I split off, as the other three wanted yet more food and I needed to catch up on my blog. Tomorrow we set off for Teman Nagara National Park, sleeping in the jungle and spotting Elephants Should be fun but not electricty never ming tinternet.

Oh yeah, found a new feature on my camera that makes arty farty pics
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