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Ok, so if your reading this you probably know the circumstances, Im mad, but I have my reasons, maybe Im just not man enough to work through real life problems, and I fully understand that there are going to be reprocusions for the rest of my life for binning everything just to go on holiday for a year. Maybe it will destroy me, maybe it will make me more capable, we will have to wait and see..

So, I picked up my passport on Thursday from Newport, what a drag that was, had to wait around in Newport for four hours, but it gave me chance to go shopping, and get the essentials that I required. I then drove into Bristol, and visited Trailfinders, unfortuantely, as I wanted to go there and then, they were unable to arrange Visas etc. But the London branch woud be able to arrange Visas at short notice....

I arrived in London (Hyde Park) at about 00.00, with no where tostay, and very little clue of any hostels, hmm poor planning, I had the place to stay in Singapore sorted, but not my first night in London. I used the everso helpful internet on my phone and located one nearby, on arrival I was told that it was closed for three months ( I wasnt going to wait outside for that long). Again, mobile internet sent me to a scout run one, on Queens Way, tired at this point I had a taxi. I was chuffed as I walked through the door, felt safe, and glad to be off the streets of London. The poorly spoken receptionist had to show me in a book that he was not allowed to take any bookings, but he was ever so helpful but difficult to understand, eventually he pointed me to Holland Park in Kensington. Really tired and scared I jumped in a taxi, the driver didnt knwo where it was but my recently donated map sorted that out. Woohoo, a bed at last, it wasnt as plush as the last two, but it was cheap and came inclusive of breakfast. After argueing with the door for the room for five minutes, anither resident showed me the "knack" and I was in. ZZzzzZZ all I could hear was snoring. "Hmmm, do I turn the lights on to find bed 3? theres loads in hear I thought to myself." The last thing I wanted to be doing was jumping in bed with another bloke, or indeed have another bloke jump in with me whilst I slept. Good old phone again gave me enough light to track down my bed. I was out like a light. I woke up, nad had my breakfast, wow, how do they do it? It was a bargain.

Reading the paper someone had left I became concious of the smells the previous nigths trecking had produced, so headed for a shower. Nice warm shower .

I packed my gear and headed off towards Kensington high street. Walking into Trailfinders, I was impressed by the size and the warm reception. The receptionist asked if she could help, I said that London was draining me and needed out fast. She smiled, looking at my rucker on my back, "You are ready" she commented.

Once sat down with the operator, he asked my plans so I gave a rough route, and having done the same exercise the previous day, it made things simple. When he jokingly suggested flying out later that day, I took him by surprise by answering yes.

He duely booked the seats, and said I needed to be in Heathrow for 6.30. Whilst the tickets were being processed I went and arranged the Visas required. Collected my tickets and caught the tube to Heathrow.

I could relax, my life was about to change, for better or worse, but I was going!

I sat arround Heathrow, answered a few select texts as battery was low, bought (what has turned out invaluable) a guide to Singappore, read that over coffee. I booked in as soon as the gate openend which appeared to have paid dividends.
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