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20 minutes to go then I'm done with my what am I going to do now to kill time???

I've got a second job in a news agency a proof-reader...I was lucky too actually, I was called by the newsagency when I was in Vietnam and offered me the job...told them my current location then, and they let me start 1st Jan! GREAT!

The job is easy really...all I have to do is check the spelling in some articles and grammar (which I am also not so good at hahaha) and then give it back to the editors, the only trouble is, the hour is quite late. There are eight of us working as proof-reader and we have to work on shifts...four hours for each with different starting hour 4pm to 8pm being the earliest and 8pm to 12mn being the latest....and tonight...I was given the graveyard shift...URGH....

One thing about working this late is that you tend to snack up and this is not good...I gain weight easily. Day one, I promised myself that I was not going to bring or eat any snacks at work...but day two saw me bringing some biscuits and the spread got more interesting the next day and the day after....GOODNESS GRACE!!

Okay, must discipline myself now...s*** Im not good at that too... what should I bring tomorrow (oh shut it Nikie)...I need to sleep mind isn't thinking straight...Night everyone! It's almost 12 now woohoo! time to go..weee

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