The SUN will come OUT manana!

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A day to thaw out!

A clear blue sky!

Powder-covered runs!

Lifts run by WIND!

We awoke to a beautiful sight! The sun was out, and it had the makings of a gorgeous day! With all the snow that accumulated the day before during the WHITEOUT, it was bound to be perfect skiing/boarding.

All of COPPER Mountain's lifts are powered by wind sources, and sometimes this creates problems.. especially if the wind is extremely light! We discovered that lifts shut down pretty regularly when this is in effect. At first 15 minutes of wait time, and then we were told 30-45 minutes! People started jetting out of the lign and WALKING towards the closest lift OR as in some people's cases, WALKING up the mountain! Most everyone who was still in line, took off thier skiis, unhooked their boots, laid down on the ground, and popped open some beers (IN LINE)! :) Eventually it began working again, and we traveled to the top where my bro proceeded to tell the route to the rest of us.

Nicki (my bro's wife) and I somehow became lost.. but together. We tried to figure out where the guys would have gone, but unfortunately, we didn't find them until the very end. OOPS!

Our condo included use of a JAQ. It tooks us a day to find out where it was located, so we headed over as soon as we finished skiing. I ran into some little ninos that spoke Spanish as well as the mom who spoke only Spanish:) The more I travel in Colorado, the more Latinos I encounter.. Colorado is already looking UP! Latinos, espanol.. what more could you ask for???


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When the lift closes down, what ar…
When the lift closes down, what a…
Those who stayed to wait for the l…
Those who stayed to wait for the …
photo by: Isoinspira