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Even I was all covered with frost.
I wanted to leave a 4 o'clock. But because I didn' t feel very well the last couple of days, I was just glad I didn't need to cancel the trip completely. Again... I decided to sleep till 4 o'clock and then pack some last things taking my time. It wasn't a train or airplane I had to catch. It was just my own planning. It was something over 6 o'clock when I did leave.

It was freezing cold. On the internet it was said to be -5C, but accoording to that website it would also get warmer during the weekend, it never did. It sure felt a lot colder. The whole landscape was covered with white frost. But not only the trees, plants, fences and so on, but even my clothes and my hair. I regurlarly had the wipe the tears out of my eyes, from the wind blowing in, because it would in no time freeze into my eye lashes.
What a joy when the sun rises. not that it got any warmer. This is the river ´de Lek´. You can hardly see across.

At 8 o'clock the sun was gently rising. I was biking very slowly. Lost my condition? Was the wind that strong? Or were the bags too heavy? I don't know. But after 2 hours I wasn't 40km removed from my house as usual. This time I really wanted to stop for hot choco, as soon as I would encounter a cafe which had opened their doors in this cold morning. There wasn't. At Nieuwegein I decided to go into a chemist's just to warm up a little.

In the centre of Amerongen I found the first cafe which was carefully open. I had biked 94km by that time in one single piece. But I only had to bike 10km to reach the house of my sister. So I called her to ask is she would be home and she was. So in the end I biked 104km that day before my first stop.
This looks like snow, but it isn´t. I don't remember seeing frost develop this extreme. Then again, I never biked through the country for 140km with this weather.
I made it a long one though. I had more than one coffee and we had nice conversation. The heater was burning pleasantly and my drinks that frooze up during the ride, finally melted into drinkingn condition.

I left at half past 16. It would be dark soon and my right break and my gears were frozen. I arrived at the hostel at quarter past 19. I had some meatballs in my bag, which served as diner and had a mega long shower.

In the evening I decided to go out. Finding a nice place to go in a city you do not know that well, can be a task, but googling rockcafe and Arnhem, had made a hit. So that evening I went to rockcafe Dollars. When I got there the atmosphere was pleasant. The girls behind the counter were friendly and spontaneous.
Frost fence close-up. Some places it's thicker then others. A combination of variable temperature, wind and material, I think.
Their beer was revolting though. They had Heineken on draft, which I think taste like cat piss, or at least like I think cat piss might taste. The Palm was sold out. The girl said they had something called Dab. Can it get any worse than Heineken? Well, not if you like orange jus after brushing your teeth. After that I tried Koninck, but that was rather sour too. So in the end I felt quite nauseous.

For a couple of hours I sat at the window on a bench, enjoying the music, not so enjoying my beer. There was a band which played there every week. I don't know why, she wasn't that good of a singer and it took about half a number to figure out what the hell she was singing. It was like she was puking the words out.

I notice that even though they called themselves a rockcafe, it wasn't just rock they played. The band did, but beside that I heard a lot of gypsy kings, Lionel Ritchie and the likes. Not bad music, and in a normal cafe I would be more then content with a ratio of two rock numbers, one non-rock. But at a rockcafe, I get a little disappointed. It got quite crowded, but I saw not as many rockers as I would expect in a rockcafe. Most of them were rather student-like or yuppies.

There was a little group of two girls and two queens, who spent about the entire night pointed and laughing at me, talking about me. I know a Rotterdammer in Arnhem must be quite shocking, but one can exaggerate. It got quite annoying in the end. I mean... How much can you say about some one sitting on a bench, drinking beer and listening to music.

I was still sick, my back hurt and I was constantly worrying about my bike outside, so that all added to a little disappointing night. I'm not saying I won't ever go next time. As hardrocker I'm going for the place with the most hardrock. So Dollars exceeds 99% of all the other bars. A good place to go out has good beer (I sure hope they have Palm next time), good music (75% soft rock is ehm... Okay), good company (no pretty men here, as almost no where... It's not the men's fault, it's me being too picky...).
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Even I was all covered with frost.
Even I was all covered with frost.
What a joy when the sun rises. not…
What a joy when the sun rises. no…
This looks like snow, but it isn´…
This looks like snow, but it isn…
Frost fence close-up. Some places …
Frost fence close-up. Some places…
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photo by: IndoMaluku