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So, after going to Saigon, it was looking calm and tranquility in the Mekong Delta. Ha! (you will see, there are full of photos of people you know, but me. It's a little exercise to make you feel the ambiance!)

Before it sought a travel agency and we proposed a two-day tour around the Delta. The ride through a candy factory with coconut, a place where you can eat fruit while listening to live music, a farm where they make honey processing plant rice, a paper rice (paste to make spring rolls), two floating markets, an orchard ...

Friends readers, before we continue, I would like to explain two or three things. Following your comments (thank you again!) It seems that thought I had a bad time in Vietnam, and the rest of this article should confirm these thoughts. But it is wrong! Admittedly, it was not quite what I expected, but I have not tried to set me on the negative points and I am quite happy with my journey as a whole. Although time was really boring, it was a very nice and it was still great fun. As against, it's true that I am very cynical, and it must be felt in what I write. Continue ...

Since the duration of the journey stick with our schedule, it was not very expensive and that was that 10-15 people to travel, we said 'super'!

So the next day we arrived at the travel agency, we boarded the bus ( "It's funny, it seems that many large bus for 10-15 people) and it was the turn of Saigon, to recover the other tourists. It is to forty on the bus. It took more than three hours to go to the delta, and I was not really very good mood. To my left, there was an Englishman who told (gueule) his life to guy behind me, the guy behind me talking to her daughter and her boyfriend sat before me, they spoke to their friends at the back, and Crazy Frog is happened.

Crazy Frog (I do not know her real name) is the guide who accompanied us throughout the journey. It is a small person, who speaks English with a strong Vietnamese accent, and had to take a dozen cups of coffee, 5 Red Bulls and a few lines of coke at breakfast. Boundless energy. Once we arrived somewhere, "go-on-y-goes-on-se-DEPECHE-ok? Yeah." It traces in front of everyone, "you-have-five-minutes-to-visit-post-on-back-in-the-bus-ok? Yeah." And the cherry on the cake, he loved to sing! Once we were on a bus or boat (and I can tell you spent some time) he was pushing the song. I think it had to be hired by the box to occupy us during the long journey. So I called Crazy Frog, in tribute to the little frog really excited that was popular a few years ago. It's funny once, twice, but after you wish it stops.

I will not dwell too much on the first day of the journey. We actually did a lot of stuff, full flash visited factories and farms, but I was not too involved. It was forty to every time to travel, eating, watching, we were forty to take pictures. Çà saoulé me so I decided to take pictures of tourists rather than what was around (not worry, you will not miss anything). There was what to do. Everywhere went, there were tourists of all ages, all nationalities. Once that happens somewhere, there were others who left. A real factory tourists. Here the experience we were really disappointed. There was a kind, Vietnamese, who spent his life in the United States and who returned for a trip to the sources' with his family (he spent his time while filming), a couple of the Isle of Man England who had never left their island, and had decided to go around the world in 6 weeks for their honeymoon (they were quite nice), the Japanese who was always dressed as Japanese etc ... Go, a p 'tite list anyway:
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photo by: mario26