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Driving during the day time was wonderful. We enjoyed the landscape and relaxed.  Taking breaks was the key to having a fun.  It gave us a chance to walk around, take pictures, observe new things, and start all over again. 


The first stop was William-something.  Just beyond the typical gas station, fast-food corner, we observed an interesting historic town.  The storefronts were either beautiful or bizarre, and most of them were empty.  It had a saloon town look, but there were several Chinese and Mexican restaurants that which appeared out of place.


I took a picture hanging off the Historic Route 99 sign.  Ever since this Historic Highway 80 endeavor I’ve been involved in, historic highways have become intriguing.  99 actually seemed to parallel our entire trip up through Oregon. 


In this Willeam-something town, I spent time relaxing against the wall of an old factory which was still running because I could hear the machinery.  I closed my eyes and rested with the warm sun shining on me.  We discovered that the factory produced rice because there was a lot of raw grain along the exterior.  This stunning factory provoked more picture taking. 


Further along the road we saw signs for a town called Siskiyou, which sounds like Fuck You, so we had fun screaming ‘Siski-You’ to each other.  


Next, I spotted sign for Weed.  A town named Weed, I had to check it out.  There were actually several Weed exits, so we got off at Central Weed, or what I referred to as Weed Central (much more stoner like).  The road was lined with cones and it appeared like they setting up for an event.  Jardel didn’t want to even get out, but I insisted on parking so I could get a picture in front of the Weed gateway sign. 


I had a plan just as Jardel pulled out his camera.  I told him to count to three and on the number three, I lifted up my arms and put up my thumbs.  Naturally, I had an enormous smile on my face.  Jardel cracked-up too.  As traffic and passed by, I didn’t want anyone to take notice of my stoner image for more then a second; aahh, Weed Central, what a great photo opt.


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