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Together with my husband, my sister and my brother in law, we drove from Los Angeles to Arizona (Grand Canyon) to Utah (Mcdonalds for Lunch hehehe) then to Las Vegas Nevada.

4 states in 2 days!!!

We left LA at 3 AM then arrived at Arizona around sunrise. We ate breakfast at the ever-reliable Mcdonalds then continued driving to the Grand Canyon. After 1 and a half days in admiring the canyon, everyone was satisfied with the pictures taken but not with the views seen. We are planning to hike down the canyon someday during a non-winter season.

By lunchtime the day after, it was time to leave Arizona and head towards Las Vegas, Nevada. It was really clever for my brother in law and sister to pick the longer route going to Nevada, the route that crosses Utah, the one with the breathtaking scenic route; instead of the faster, boring freeway.

We didn't see much in Utah aside from a lot of snowy mountains. When we finally saw civilization (meaning a town), we decided to stop and eat late lunch at where else but Mcdonald's! Hahaha. Mcdonald's for lunch, that is my Utah experience. Hahaha!

After 4 days in Vegas, we drove back to Los Angeles but we had a quick stop at Hoover Dam. Wooooooohooooo, for someone like me who has fear of heights, the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam is more than an accomplishment. Hahaha! We didn't stay too long at the Hoover Dam area because of the biting cold weather and because a lot of construction was ongoing there. We then arrived at LA right in time for Christmas eve. :)

Here are some of the views we saw during that road trip adventure. Most pictures are nothing compared to seeing it for real. We didn't have time to take as much postcard shots since we were moving 70 MPH while taking these.

Photos by Kayan and Mac. Copyright 2008.

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