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This guy had a few drinks before putting on this bathing suit for the beach in Barcelona.

I kind of realized today that I don't really have much time left in Barcelona and after 3 months there is still lots I haven't seen.  When I come back from Portugal and Paris, I will only have about 36 hours left to see everything so I had to take a good walk today along the port area.  I was suprised by the length of the beach which ends up being a mile long which was kind of crowded despite the fact that it was only about 70 degrees.  Filled with English speaking tourists and a strong odor of pot....I can only imagine what it is like when it is 90 degrees out. 

The city was a nice home for three months. Despite the fact in the first two weeks two of the seven Michigan students got their wallets stolen, the rest of managed to keep ours over the following 10 weeks.

He decided he should play soccer and here he is celbrating after a goal.
  The bars were nice, but I could only handle the going out till 4am or 5am a few times.  The food was also good, but not amazing.  Barcelona had greater variety in tapas than southern spain, but not like basque.  While the first few weeks I loved the food, the same things got old after a month I have managed to find a cheeseburger or Mexican restaurant to spice things up when visiting other cities.  I also won't miss being oferred hash, marijuana, pot, coke from 20 different people ont he Rambla.  I thought it was funny until I walked down the Rambla with my Indian roommate and they offered him beer and me drugs...I didn't know I looked like a coke head.  The only other complaint is about Catalan.  While everybody speaks Spanish the signs and menus outside the touristy areas are in Catalan.
The Beach in Barceloneta
  The languages are close enough that sometimes I think I am seeing a bunch of words that I don't know when really I am reading a different language.  The result is that I probably would have learned a lot more Spanish in Madrid....but overall I can't complain about the decision.

In the end it is the people who make the place what it is and the fellow exchange students and the students at IESE were great.  Friendly and ambitious to see and experience the city.  The amount of diversity in the class room and also in social events was unparalled.  I expect that while I have just as strong a network from IESE as I will from Michigan.  In addition, with still 10 days left in Europe I have close to 800 pictures, but I am nearly 10 pounds lighter than when I came. 

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This guy had a few drinks before p…
This guy had a few drinks before …
He decided he should play soccer a…
He decided he should play soccer …
The Beach in Barceloneta
The Beach in Barceloneta
photo by: fivepointpalm