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A chocolate Croissant.

One of my favorite events while living in France was breakfast.  Some great pastry with chocolate on it with a simple cup of coffee always did the jobs in the morning.  My favorite was a well maid Pain au Chocolat and the best was actually made at my local gas station who baked them fresh every morning.

I was excited to see these croissants in every coffee shop (including Starbucks) and pastry shop in Barcelona.  I hoped that they chould compare.  The spanish had obviously recognized a weakness of the Pain au chocolates which is the lack of chocolate that tended to be on the ends.  I appreciated the marketing effort and need for advancement that the French had always seemed to lack.  Unfortunatley, while they improved on the design they lacked in implementation.  The chocolate on the interior was cold and chunky and there was actually too much of it. They don't serve them warm so that you have a nice interior of soft chocolate, but instead it is like biting into a candy bar in the middle.  Very disappointing and therfore I will have to stick to cup of yogurt in the mornings while drinking my cafe con leche.

dlillback says:
Maybe instead of a pain au chocolat you could get one of those leg torture devices. They are called a "cilice" and used for the celebate Opus Dei members. Anna may prefer that...
Posted on: Jan 12, 2009
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A chocolate Croissant.
A chocolate Croissant.
photo by: fivepointpalm