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Uploading photos can be a tedious process so I´ll have to go back and finish my journal entries at a later date.  For now I´ll fill in this most recent one.

So I´ve decided to spend some time in San Pedro and relax.  I don´t want so much moving around before Anders gets here on April 29th.  I think I might sign up for a Spanish class for a couple days, apparently that can be done.  I found a really nice hostel here call Hotel Maritza.  I have a double room that´s really nice and I´m only paying 20 Quetzales which is the equivalent of about 3.5$CDN, so i´m pretty much laughing.  The place has tiered grassy fields heading down to the beach a plenty of great hammocks to chill in.  I was sitting in the hammock and a local dog came over and started to play with me.
  He jumped up onto me in the hammock then went under and put his legs up to stop me from swinging.  Then he left and went down to the beach and came back with someone´s lunch.  He ripped open the plastic bag then ate the contents, then he went back to the beach and came back with another lunch and proceeded to eat that too.

I´ve noticed that a good way to determine the quality of life in a town is by looking at its dogs. If the dogs are happy, healthy and friendly then life in the town in probably decent to good.  If the dogs are fearful and grubby then you´ve entered an impoverished place.

I met a nice couple today who sells jewelry that they make themselves.  They´re staying the room next to me and while they´re nice, the sound of his electronic chizel and be fairly annoying.

I went out last night with Ariel, an Israeli guy that´s in the room on the other side of my room.  Turns out that he´s doing a similar trip to me so it´s likely that we´ll run into eachother more than once.

I´m glad to have set up a little place for myself.  It makes it much easier to go shopping and make my own food which definitely saves a lot of money, even if we´re only talking about a few dollars, it does make a difference over the long run.
lorenzmartins says:
wow.. really nice trip blog.. and nice pics..
ciao and good luck..
Posted on: Nov 02, 2007
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