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A lot happened during the last two weeks. So it's time for another entry :)

As a start I had to figure out how things work here in Australia and what I need first, since I arrived here pretty unprepared as usual. Fortunately, I met some nice people who have given me many good advice. The most important thing was to get an address that you can send mail to. Okay, that was easy: The address of the hostel did the job.

Afterwards, I got a prepaid SIM card for my mobile phone, and a bank account without any problems. I applied for a tax file number online, however I did not receive one until today. And today was my first day at work! Yeah, all that happened pretty fast. At first, I had to update and translate my CV. After having sent a few applications, I got a telephone interview, shortly afterwards a personal interview, and now I have a job as a linux sysadmin. I can even work at home most of the time! Now, I plan to look for a shared hous near a beach and go surfing every morning before work. That would be great!

I already started looking for a car. 4WD is a must of course and enough space to sleep in the car would be nice too! That's really exciting since this will be the first time for my buying a car.

Apart from that, I have been on a 3-day trip to Myall Lake National Park with a very nice group of people, that I met here in Sydney. I have seen my first koala :) Damn, this dude was lazy! He slept most of the time, and once in a while he put an eukalyptus leaf in his mouth. I don't think he moved more than one branch further in the tree during one day. The beach at a windy night with a thunder storm athmosphere was wonderful: The waves were glowing intensely, and every footprint sparkled in the wet sand. I think the glowing is caused by algae that give light when being shaked. Very impressive!

Recently, I bought the book "Rock Climbing in Australia". The pictures are very inspiring. I can't wait to get my fingers on the rocks! Hehe, I joined the local climbing club and this weekend I will be climbing in the blue mountains (2 hours west of Sydney). Hopefully, someone will bring a camera so that I can post some pictures here afterwards. Btw: Today, Fujifilm announced the camera I've been waiting for. So I might have my own camera next month :D

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photo by: Sunflower300