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Not that I am dissing Old Goa, just because I saw nothing but churches, but apparently all that remains are churches.  I was anxious to explore North Goa, where the beaches are, which I’ve heard associated with Israelis, hippies, techno/drug raves and lush scenery. 


Break:  One thing I must add.  There hasn’t been one store that I’ve visited in Goa where the salesperson hasn’t pushed me to buy more.  I think the best example was the khaki men’s pants….End break.


I took off in a taxi cab, on a private tour around North Goa!  My driver was pretty cool; I lit up a beanie and put my headphones on.  He started off by dropping me off in front of a high end shopping place.  With no one else there and the salesmen followed me around the entire time.  I noticed that they carried beautiful sheets like the one I saw around the neighborhood, so this was no longer a waist of time.  Oddly though, the sales person would not listen to me.  He insisted that I sit down and check out their diamond jewelry…what was that???


Anyhow, the sheets, tablecloths and bags were all beautiful, so I told him that I would have to return with my mom.  I left the store and continued through the entire complex, where I spotted men playing cards. 


Since the sales person would not get off my back, I asked him what game there were playing.  “Oh Rummy, my favorite!!”     From there, I was invited to play.  Okay, why not?  (This will only add to my list of random experiences)  With their rule of choosing a wild card and using more than one deck of cards, things definitely worked in my favor and I kicked ass…quickly!!  Boo-yah, I was off! 


From there, I wanted to go to the furthest destination and work my way back.  Next stop, Vargada.  Very aggressive flea market, I’m talking woman grabbing my arm, “Be my first sale,” “Good luck.”  Well I dished out a lot of luck because I got my shopping ON!  A sheet, blanket, pants and skirt, and I didn’t pay more than $6 for any one item.  I stashed my bags in the car, spotted a luscious climable hill with a cross on top and went for it.  I love when I do that.  The scenery, beach, hike…it was beautiful. 


Next, we stopped in Anjun, where I was greeted by overwhelmingly friendly young, local vendors.  What a coincidence that they wanted to take a walk and befriend me.  As long as they just wanted to chat, I found interest in them as well.  In fact, they brought me down to the beach to show me a face carved in the rock.  Every once in a while, they sliley mentioned that I must look at what they have.  As time went on, I did notice one girl wearing beautiful ankle bracelets, so maybe I’d have a look at their stuff.   After we got across the beach, they showed me this incredible stone face and I took some pictures, and I then I told them that I’d have a look at their stuff.  After some very difficult bargaining and some pathetic teary eyed comments, I bought a shirt, jewelry boxes, and the anklet, and that still wasn’t enough. 


But I had had enough, and until the head phones went on, I was to getting angry, feeling that I was cheated.  I proceeded to walk around and take great pictures and get a bit lost around the village, but I asked some locals for directions, and then took off in the cab. 


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