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Today was the worst experience I have encountered upon my travels since I left Prague.  Getting off the bus in Dubrovnik, basically it was the same routine of finding a place to stay; I accept a room from the first person who asks.  This particular woman was friendly, so I felt comfortable accepting.  I thought it was a bit weird that she mentioned she was a fifteen minute walk from Old Town even though we were taking a bus in the opposite direction. 


She told me I could do laundry at her place but once we got there she added that it was 50 Kurons.  The absolute creepiest thing that I immediately encountered was that inside her garden or however one would describe that nasty patch of grass was a stick attached to a really fucked up doll’s head.


She wanted asked me to pay upfront, which no one asked for at two other rooms that I stayed in Croatia, but I paid her half which is all I had.  She was pressuring me to do my laundry today but I told her I would rather wait now that I was expected to pay.  With all those variables, I should have bounced, especially remembering the dol’ls head.  Oh, oh, oh…and the walk into Old Town was more like 45 mins.  She was in some ugly suburb, and based on that, Debrovnick didn’t do as much for me even though Old Town is rather incredible. 


About 4 hours later, I got back to my room and my stuff isn’t there and the room was occupied by other traveler’s luggage.  She came up stairs and tried to rationally explain that she gave my room away and moved all my luggage, which I had begun to unpack in a closet and that I should stay with the nice English boy in the other room.  Was she fucking kidding?  I requested a private room, she touched my stuff and moved it, and no sane person would ever expect me stay in a room with a random guy.  She was freaky and I wanted to leave immediately.  I made her give me back my money before I handed her the key. 


I was set on charging a hotel to my parents just so I could feel safe.  I took a bus back to  the bus station because I remembered seeing an information desk.  Once I opened my mouth I started crying.  Thank god I found the right woman to talk to.  She offered me her place that she lived in with her parents, which was a lot closer to Old Town.  I happily accepted.  She ended up knowing exactly which lady I was talking about and so did all the other women that hung around the bus station offering accommodations. 


This wonderful lady left work for me and gave me a ride to her house.  Her parents were very sweet, the room was clean, a balcony that overlooked Old Town which was really a 15 min walk or less.  The mother made me coffee and left a glass of juice in my room. 


I was so thankful that things worked out because I was ready to go home, but I would not have wanted my travels to end on a bad note.

wanderlustbohemian says:
Part of me was laughing at your story and the other part gasped- shrieked, guffawed, and swallowed hard at your story. You Know, you will laugh at the memory someday. Sounds as if doll head lady had a reputation. At least she didn't take your kidneys---
Posted on: Jan 06, 2009
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