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Taiwan is known to be a great place to have great food everywhere you go. Each county has its own local specialties that you may want to try while visiting.


From my own personal experience traveling in Taiwan after going through all 16 counties I have found that qualities still varies vastly depending on where you get your food from.


I personally prefer to purchase most of my food from the open street vendors that don't have a store front. Since most of this kind of food is not something you can easily get in the West, so I have been more focused on indulging myself on these. The quality of the vendors will vary depending on how long they have been operating their business. Since street vendors have very keen competition with small margin anyone not able to offer some kind of quality and maintain it usually losses out rather quickly.


The food prices in Taiwan for the local dishes are generally anywhere from 2 to 3 time cheaper compare to what you might pay in the US.


Having 3 meals in a day in Taiwan for most people can cost less than US $10 dollars.

A very soft type of tofu in a sweet peanut soup. A great desert dish that I believe just about everyone might like.


Most food in Taiwan should fit the taste of westerners rather well. However these can still get kind of dull after a few days. Depending on where you are many street vendors are selling the same thing with minor differences in tastes. You'll usually have to go to one of those out door night markets to find a wider range of foods.


One thing I realize is raw foods are not very popular in Taiwan with the exception of fruits. Fortunately there are wide varieties of tropical fruits you can try in Taiwan.


These pictures that you’ll see below is just a very small portion of the types of foods you’ll encounter. I usually started eating before I could remember to document.


It’s unfortunate like any where else in the developed world you can't get away from the pollutions caused by intensive farming and modern day packaging. People of Taiwan is especially prone to plastic pollutions. Almost all food vendors almost always use plastics to warp heated foods also liquid types in plastic bags. Looking at the younger generation you can clearly see the effects of these hormonal pollutants such as xenoestrogens leached from plastics.


So overall as always eat with discretion whenever you can.

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A deep fried tofu dish that suppos…
A deep fried tofu dish that suppo…
A very soft type of tofu in a swee…
A very soft type of tofu in a swe…
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