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It’s finally time to explore the capital of Taiwan the city of Taipei to see what I could still remember after 20 years. There is definitely progress especially in the area of transportation. The city wide metro service has now connected every corner of the city together into a tight grid. There is no need for taking taxis any more unless you’re just too lazy to walk a few blocks. Advancement in the area of modern day female creature comfort and gadgetry that provides the optical illusion has certainly hit a new height as well. For those ladies that likes to shop, take professional pictures or just to beatify themselves Taiwan would be a great place to visit. There are no shortages of designer clothing, beauty/hair salons, jewelry and cosmetic shops here in Taiwan. As a matter of fact the 101 tower department stores are a show case of these modern new advancements.


My travel through the city of Taipei took me through some of the most densely populated areas that I have encountered so far.

I passed by the famous University of Taipei area and took a few shots to see what the big fuss is all about. To attract student business food near by the university area is generally very good and quite cheap which I took advantage of.


After the university area I decided to travel by riding the new metro rail system to see the city up close and personal. It was very easy and quite painless as I expected. Riding the metro I managed to visit the popular Sun Yat-Sen and Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial which are great places to see during the day. The temperature was so pleasant at the time  I even decided to drop by the national zoo to add some contrast to the modern environment.


Finally by night fall I was going to check out all the new constructions projects that are happening in the 101 Tower area. But first it was the 101 Tower itself that I wanted to see. Hail to be the tallest building in Asia until the tower in Dubai is complete there is still some bragging rights for having gone up the tower. Before I when up, I transverse through the 101’s department store area to take some of the pictures that you’ll see below. Yes going up the 101 tower does require a fee. At least now you can brag about going up to the 89th floor of the tower and having ridden one of the fastest elevators in a modern skyscraper.


The last and final destination is to check out the busy night life in the big cities. This would be the highlight of the day as far as social life is concerned for most city dwellers. I when and checked out the busiest night market areas in Taipei and I was not disappointed. I saw many interesting people and shops that sell all kinds of stuff that I have never seen before.


I’ll stop here and let the pictures do the rest of the explaining.

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photo by: Deats