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Hualien County

My biggest disappointment of this trip is going through Hualien county due to a 3 day incremental weather. Now this happened during the best travel season in Taiwan from what I considered between November to January. So I just can’t imagine what would be like during the raining season. So the weather didn’t cooperate which forced me to cut the amount of time that I would normally spend especially on a beautiful county such as this one. The pictures below is far from complete to depict its shear beauty from its mysterious mountain ranges that encompass the Taroko National Park to its majestic scenic coast line facing the great Pacific.

Since it was raining I decided to use the dark hours to travel up through Hualien along the coastal route. Since it was dark and raining I wasn’t able to see much of this beautiful coast line like I originally planed. The only thing that I can say is there were many small townships along the route that do a lot of business with tourist so it would not be hard to find a place to stay.

After going through the city of Hualien I didn’t see anything worth taking pictures of. There were a few attractions that I when to that wouldn’t allow me to take pictures inside.

Hualien in general like the other Southern Counties is in general very lay back even within the city is slow compared to those of the more crowded areas in the North. This may also due to the fact that the economy in Hualien is heavily dependent upon tourist dollars. I’ll definitely have to re-explore Hualien County the next time I go back since there were so much that I had missed out on.
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On the way to Taroko National Park.
On the way to Taroko National Park.
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A hotel resort hidden within the …
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