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We all left early the next day around 9ish. Sean had to work, Megan had plans in Yokohama, Niji wanted to do some shopping for her Halloween costume before going back to Chiba, and my flight was at 330pm that afternoon. I said my goodbyes and thanks and returned to the hostel to shower and check out.

It was around 10am when I arrived at the hostel. Crap, check out is at 10am.  And I just realized that the train fromUeno Station to Narita will take 80 minutes, then there was the check-in process and security to get through at the airport! I'm short of time! 

With a quick shower, and thankfully, an already semi-packed luggage - I just had to make space for my 3 bottles of sake which I bought that night- I didn't get to check out until 11am. They didn't charge me extra which was nice of them - then again, it was the same staff that saw me rushing in earlier in the same clothes I left in yesterday. Ah, another weekend night out in Tokyo.

I took the same train from Ueno Station to Narita. But no! Upon exiting the train station to enter the airport, I couldn't find my ticket so I had to pay another 1000yen! Oh well. After checking in, my apprehensive self realized, I still had a couple of hours left before boarding! What!? Afterall that rushing and anxiety on the train to the airport? I walked around and found a store selling green tea KitKat - so I bought more! I think I bought 10 small ones. Hahaha... The lady at the counter was giving me looks. There was another flavor but it was ginger and a ginger-flavored KitKat just sounds awful, so I forgo buying some.

I saw some origami displays, too. They were large scene displays. I initially thought they were something else until I looked more closer and read the captions. They were fantastic! With plenty of time left and since I was kind of hungry, I decided to have lunch - one of my favorite Japanese food - ramen. I love ramen! Hahaha... An appropriate lunch I might add since it was my last meal in Japan.

And with that, my birthday-vacation trip ended.

LostInSpace2010 says:
That was so exciting journey! =)
Posted on: Aug 09, 2010
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