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Getting a wee bit messy in the caves (OK so we caked the mud on to our faces of own accord :) )

First, let the record show that it took 3 weeks before I saw the inside of

a New Zealand police station (Papakura for those playing at home), so

perhaps the area I'm in, Manukau, lives up to it's reputation (it's where

"Once Were Warriors" was set to give some perspective).  It was all for a

break-in to our car while myself and two work-mates were at a restaurant,

however I think I must of had some good karma coming back to me since my

two colleagues lost their laptops/bags/cameras/ipod etc from our boot (and

a passport for a guy due back in Aus the next day!) but my ipod and laptop

were left behind!  Let's hear it for blind luck. Woohoo!  Anyway, that's all

beside the point, it just happened to happen close to my Waitomo trip


My workmate Bru and I finally got our act together the weekend before last

and booked in to the Kiwi Paka YHA down in Waitomo (good hostel, clean roomy, close to tavern), and prepared ouselves for some caving adventures.

More Tumu Tumu toobing, these are the tubes used in black water rafting
Waitomo is about an hour and a half drive south of Auckland, and is best known for it's gloworm caves, or as the guides like to refer to them 'shiny maggot shit' caves, those cooky ,wacky kiwis :) You drive south through Hamilton which is apparently New Zealand's

biggest inland city, yet I'm sure that when university is out of session

there's probably just the people who served us in the pub :)


On to Waitomo, the two tours we went for were one called "Tumu Tumu

Toobing" (it's fun to say with a fake Kiwi accent, and an "eh" on the end)

which involves a bit of walking/swimming/crawling around the caverns and of

course the obligatory floating down the underwater river on tubes. The

second of the tours was called "Haggas's Honking holes" and has a bit more

abseiling and rock-climbing in it as well as continuing to walk/swim/crawl

in mud!  It was absolutely brilliant though, especially when you have a

trainee guide take part of the tour and take you to places that the guides

hadn't been before!  It's all part of the fun.

Abseiling 30m as part of the Haggis' Honking Holes tour
I guess the one thing I

would say is that going in to the weekend it's described as 'black-water

rafting' and 'tubing adventures' but the water parts of it are really

incidental, I'd go for the abseiling/climbing tour everytime.


There really isn't too much more to Waitomo, unless shearing rabbits

counts, so we just watched the super 12 rugby final at the local, sorry,

the only tavern, surprisingly Bru lived through wearing his Waratah's

jumper, though he guaranteed the locals a bit of a laugh any time he went

to the bar. Let the record show here that I am still a Brumbies fan, not a

Waratahs, Blues or Chiefs fans despite anything you hear!


The caving adventures were a nice lead in to NZ life anyway


alyssa_ob says:
Looks like fun! Caving is always better when rock climbing is involved! And then add abseiling and tubing? Sounds awesome! If I ever make it to New Zealand, I'll be sure to go!
Posted on: Apr 25, 2007
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Getting a wee bit messy in the cav…
Getting a wee bit messy in the ca…
More Tumu Tumu toobing, these are …
More Tumu Tumu toobing, these are…
Abseiling 30m as part of the Haggi…
Abseiling 30m as part of the Hagg…
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Kiwi Paka YHA
Kiwi Paka YHA
Merino rabbits that you can watch …
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Waitomo Caves
photo by: Ils1976