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Last year, I went for the 2nd time to Green Canyon & Batu Karas beach, in Pangandaran regency, West Java, along with my friends to celebrate the New Year's Eve 2008. It took about 7-8 hours driving from Jakarta, so we departed by bus very late at night.
Arrived in Green Canyon the next morning, we stopped by a nature attraction at namely Green Canyon. The name Green Canyon was actually first coined by some foreign tourists who explored this area in the early 90s, and have been become sort of its well-known name ever since; 'whereas its real name being in Sundanese, Cukang Taneuh.
We took a boat trip up the green-colored Cijulang river (boat costs around Rp 70,000 and can carry 8-10 passangers) which lined with dense forests on both edges (Green everywhere!) for about 15 minutes until we got near the river end marked by greenish high cliff on both sides of the river. It wasn't long before we finally reached the river end where there's a huge cavern full of huge rocky stones and stalactite and stalagmites. We got off the boat and began climbing some huge rocks before finding before us a natural pool into which most visitors would plunge themselves or jump off from the five-metre rock on its side :-D. The boat operators -- local people -- would usually be able to become guide as well in exploring the cavern (as they've been here since they were born) and are likely to wait for us longer when there was few visitors!  Just dont forget to give them few extra :-D

It is interesting to enter deeper but you have to try hard to swim upstream, which is quite difficult, or try to climb the rock walls -- on my first visit in 2006, I did it with the help of the boat operators and managed to find a huge stone located nearest to the opposite end of the cavern and then laid down on the stone's surface, with my back facing upward and let waters pouring from above 'massage' my back.
Whoaa :-)) Too bad, we couldn't do the same thing this time.

Note: near the entrance gate to the Green Canyon there's a rest area which provide parking lots & public toilet/bathrooms and some small warungs.It is relatively easy to get to Green Canyon by car or bus. Public transportation is available from Tasikmalaya and/or Pangandaran to Cijulang terminal. From Cijulang terminal, the fastest & easier way to get to Green Canyon is by Ojek -- it's also cheap!

Leaving Green Canyon in the afternoon, we headed straight to Batu Karas, a well-known surfing destinations, and checked-in at the Java Cove hotel, in our observation, the best hotel in the area. Run by a couple of expatriate, Java Cove is filled mostly with surfers, foreigners and locals.
Some Japanese surfers were just returning from the beach when we got to the hotel.

And not only those who already excell in surfing can enjoy the waves here, but also newbies would find this beach ideal for learning or practising for the first time (surf board rentals are available). It is not unsual to see local kids, aged around 7-10 years old, are already riding the waves skillfully! And if surfing is not the preferred choice of activity, people can still swim or simply have fun using body board, or just sitting and sunbathing.

Anyway, in addition to becoming one of the hotspot for surfing, it still remains a tiny fishing village. Except during Public Holiday, it's relatively not too corwded all the time, with mostly surfers being the regular guests. There are other hotels/accommodations as wells as restaurants serving fresh sea food.
  Visitors can also visit another empty beach nearby -- not particularly good for surfing nor swimming since, but it offers a good place to contemplate (or maybe doing some Yoga on the beach? :->). However, if you at the right time, this is where you can see & meet some fishermen about to sail or just return from the sea, and observe their activity.

kyunine says:
woiiii ali!! my new year trip to batu karas is the best!!

Posted on: Jan 26, 2010
aligoingbackpacks says:
Thanks juga Yanti...iya tuh, kalo sempat, kudu dateng deh. Lumayan seru kok :-)
Posted on: Jan 06, 2009
YantiSoeparno says:
Wah, thanks for the info... jadi pengen ke sana ;-)
Posted on: Jan 05, 2009
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