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Early morning I went to the bus station to catch a local bus to Bhairawa a town near Lumbini. It took 6-7 hours to reach there over the mountains. As it was a Holi festival time, a festival or colors, the bus was stopped at various places with the local people spraying us with colors and color water and asking for donations. At one place there was a traffic jam as the army people had found bodies of some Maosits in the  valley after an overnight exchange of fire. This really scared off most of the people including me as i was traveling in the local bus and not a tourists bus. And there had been incidents of Maosits attacking local buses. The journey completed without any further incidents except the regular stopping's by locals spraying colors and collecting donations.

Reached Bhairawa around evening and started looking around for options on how to proceed to Lumbini. Checked with a local shop and was informed that there was a bus leaving every 1 hr and i went to the bus stand, got a bus which was in a real pathetic state. All through the journey was thrown up and down on my seat due to the bad road conditions and the absence of any shock absorbers in the bus. By the time i reached Lumbini it was around 7pm and was getting dark. Fortunately found a cheap place for the night and one decent restaurant for dinner.

After dinner talked with the hotel guy and checked on the best and cheapest way of going around the small town and the various Buddhist monasteries. Turned out the best way is on a bicycle and the hotel owner gave his own for a small rent.

Next day early morning I took the bicycle and started visiting the various monasteries, some 15 of them from various countries. It took me over 5 hours to see them all, taking pictures, offering prayers and talking to the people around. When i reached back to the hotel, the Holi festival celebration was in full swing in this small town. I was smeared with colors, drenched with colored water and asked to dance on some Indian songs they were playing on the local drums. A couple of dutch tourists were already in full swing, completed smeared in dark blue colors from head to toe and totally high with drinks/drungs. Had a great time as i showed them some Indian dance moves. Got free snacks from the locals and the celebration continued till night fall. I started feeling cold as was still wet from the colored water. So went back to my hotel and it took me an hour to wash the colors of my skin, but still was not able to get all out. After dinner, talked to the hotel people and got to know that the tourists were rare these days due to the maoists and government struggle. Talked on various topics till was no longer able to stay awake.

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photo by: Biedjee