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Stayed at Westin Stanford in Raffles Place. This hotel is centrally located with a great view of the city from my 15th floor room. It was expensive at USD 175.00 a night (in year 2000), I wouldn't go there if its my personal travel. It is conveniently located at the crossroads of Singapore's  tourist and business districts within walking distance of major attractions, museums, theaters and cultural areas. Anyway, on to the actual trip report, do bear with the details as most of you might already know this place very well.

After reaching my hotel early in the morning, still had drowsy eyes due to the night flight, got ready and went straight to the office.  Finished the work by afternoon somehow and excused myself for being too sleepy to continue.
Back to hotel for a quick nap and later in the evening took a walk around the malls in Raffles place. This place is squeaky clean with loads of shops selling branded stuff. Evening was too tired and sleepy to venture out in search for food, so tried a decent restaurant in the shopping mall. That's all I found in Singapore on my first trip, loads of shopping malls and lots of restaurants.

Weather was hot and humid, typical tropical climate, and precipitating all through the day. Second day after work i was off to check the Little India and of course Mustafa shopping center which sold all Indian stuff apart from electronics goods. Found a nice place for dinner which served hot chappatis (Indian bread) and mutton (meat) curry. This place is on the main Serangoon road and was in news some time back showing the hotel staff preparing the hot chappatis in perfect rythm.

Third day it was raining since early morning with clouds all over the city and the view was simply amazing from my my hotel room balcony. I could see the clouds passing by and I was like what am I doing, working in this climate.
Anyway, back to office for a long day at work which ended close to midnight. The first thing was in my mind to look out for a place to eat as was only on morning breakfast. My client mentioned there was some food festival going on with lots of local stalls and I could not resist. It was after midnight by the time we reached the place and it was crowded with people, everyone munching. The atmosphere was great and helped to relax after a long and tiring day at work. I think I had tried some 5-6 dishes of various cuisines that day.

Woke up to clear weather the next day and a weekend, no sign of rains or clouds.
Made my way to the Senstosa entrance, bought the cable car ticket and other entrance tickets and spent my afternoon roaming around the small island. There were options like taking the bus, or the small train but I was more keen on walking all over the Island, through some bushes, over the beaches. Thought I got lost a few times, but its really a very small place to get lost and i was back to the well marked roads.

Took some pictures with my Epson 1MP digital camera. Afternoon lunch at Sentosa was nothing much to talk about except was 4-5 times more expensive than at the local food stalls.

Overall, the experience was fantastic as this small island within the Singapore Island was maintained really well.
I think I would have spent more time at this one place compared to any other place in Singapore.

Next day was another clear day and went shopping for software CD's at Sim Lim square. Spent my afternoon roaming around the mall looking at all the pirated versions selling over there. Made some purchase and started looking for food. There were options like taking the bus, or the MRT train but I was more keen on walking all over the place, though it was hot and humid.

Decided to relax a bit and choose East Coast Park as the next destination. I had my book along with me and spent the evening by the sea shore watching all the people around enjoying the weekend. Some were skating, others cycling and some were just strolling around which is contrary to seeing people on weekdays when everyone is busy at work, running around hurriedly to offices.

Spent around a week in Singapore, was able to complete my work and a bit of sight seeing and fly back. A typical experience of a first time visit to Singapore.
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