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After boarding the long 12 hr overnight train from Quangzhou we ended up at the train station at 6am in the morning. Kicked bascially out into the street with not one english sign the 4 of us thought things might get tuff from here on in, we all kind of just stood still and looked around while all the locals stared at us looking around. I looked over and seen a taxi driver (which seemed to be in the short supply) and he spoke alittle english saying "hello hows you" I then asked were's an internet cafe and after using my hands like they were on a keyboard he pointed across a very busy street, with that said we headed on our way in a tunnel under the road back up and there was the cafe into. It appeard though that no one had any Yuan which was going to prove a big problem.
I looked around for a ATM but the first one we found didn't work I started to worry a bit but then finally another one came insight. Upon putting my card in machine the screen came up 100, 200, 400 or 1000 or 2000 Yuan I said 100 the machine gave me 20 - 100 doller yuan bills? I thought our curreny rocks so we made our way back to the internet cafe to find the Veitnam embassy and a hostel. When we walked in and I went to pay for 4 1hr computer rentals I handed the teller and 100 Yuan bill and she went oHHHH but in the end she ended up changing it over and giving change.
We ended up getting a hostel at lotusland for 2 nights. We showed up at the hostel at 630am and Charlie the ower checked us into a 6 bedroom door area for 9 dollers u.s a night or 210yuan.
pretty good as you can see by the pictures in my profile on lotusland.
Very Big and lots of room a huge improvment from Hong Kong and finally we all felt like we were at home again and were ready to tackle the day out in Nanning. Charlie helped set up our Veitnam visa and the shuttle to the border for Saturday morning.
We all decided to have alittle nap then go out and explour Nanning old city. Once going out and taking Charlies adivce on a nice rice noodle resturant we ended up at some fast food place with again eveyone staring at us, I made my way for the counter and just pointed at what number i wanted on the pictures of the food and that was that. The order came out and I was about to sit down to my first .
80 cent meal in along time. Rice noodles, pork balls, and some kind of beef. All in a big bowel and almost to much for me to eat.

After Lunch Myself and friend decided to wonder the streets and see that Nanning had to offer and one thing there was alot of was stares and blank faces wondering who we were or why were we here...... We just kept walking some locals would try and sneak photo's on there cell phones of us so we'd stop and pose when they were lining up and surpise them. Once they notice what was happening they'd smile and walk away fast (hahaha) we continued through the streets looking at everything the local Nanning peolpe had to offer we passed one man selling 2, 4 and 8 gb sandisk memory cards for digtial camera for 3 dollers canadian so my friend bought one and we went on our way again.
After walk through many shops and seeing so many clothes,glass's, underwear, socks, and you name it we came across a shirt that read "lee vi's" somding for the whore family" hahahahahahahaahaha to funny but it was for real and they thought it was great wanting us to buy 2 of them each, I'm thinking they had no idea what it ment at all.
Later that night we met a Chinease local named Bobby and he asked if we'd like to join him out to a light show at a local park, we agreed and off we went grabbed some beers for the road hopped a bus and bang we were there and ready for a light show. As we started walking through the narrow paths we came to an opening and wowowow there to my aww was the massive skyline of Nanning's new city I had no idea there was a place one could see such thing and none of the locals could have told us as they didnt speak english, none of the guide books speak of it and nothing on the internet knows anything about it!
Bobby said they have danceing lessons and rollers skating to shooting guns and games for everyone.
We choose to see the dancing part first as we had 2 ladies with us and it turned out to be alot of fun with everyone again staring at us and smiling dancing and attempting to get us to join and learn the local Nanning dance my friends joined in the dance and i stood back and took some much needed pictures of the happenings. The locals were laughing, clapping and even cheering at times have a ball at what seemed to be our expense or was it really theirs...

Time spent in Nanning was short and sweet but I wish that maybe one day I can make it back here as Im sure this will be a major city in a few short years, the peolpe of Nanning are happy and very welcoming even though they stare alot and point, its only cause this is a newly open city to tourisim.
sim68 says:
I know what it feels like!
Posted on: Jan 09, 2009
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