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Hong Kong,

December 28, 2008

Myself and 2 friends arrived into Hong Kong International Airport about 4:30pm. Not knowing what to expect we were all abit on edge and very tired from our flight from Canada to England and on into Hong Kong (21hrs) Upon deboarding the aircraft and making our way to the customs counter we were approched and told to remove our ball caps, at first I thought why on earth do we have to do such a thing but then I relized we were about to pass customs and of course in our passport photo we have no hat on.

After clearing customs and wating for our backpacks I began to notice how friendly the Chinease peolpe are and how they were going above and beyond in every instance to help us with any question we had.

hong kong streets
All we had to do was look with a lost face and they'd approch but not make contact until we did. Once retirvng our belongings we needed to make our way to downtown HK which I thought was going to be a task and then some but to my utter surpise it was a matter of finding bus 21 (south end of airport) waiting 5min paying 30 hk dollers and then riding almost 1hr to downtown.

Our choice of accomadations are hostels and the cheaper the better as I really wanted to feel the culture of this city at its best. We arrived at the Chung King Mansion around 6pm it took about 5min to find our hostel which was located on the 3rd floor, the name of the guest house was "li's guest house" we had booked a room online through hostelworld.com and had expected a 3-bed dormstyle room but were told no they don't have them so we get a double and one king for the price 100.

donwtown hong kong
00 u.s for 3 nights over new years eve. (pretty good for Hong Kong) We had to wait for a butler/helper to come show us our room and it turns out the elevator works about as good as our transit system in Canada in a snowstorm, we headed for the stairs for an 8 floor climb with our 40kg backpacks! (good thing i'd been to the gym)

Upon reaching the 8th floor through one of the most wicked stair wells I had ever seen in along time our helper said "here" through a door and whammmmm home sweet home perfect room fit with bathroom and shower! (room size 6 feet wide and 9 feet long, 3 peolpe and a mattress of 2 inches (comman for asian hostels)

The adventure started around 7pm after we all had showers and headed out into "organized confusion" again I notice how clean everything was no garbage in the streets not even smoke butts anywhere! (wow take notice Americas) all the buildings were about 5x times as tall as the ones i'm use to in Canada and seemed to be better kept.

The traffic on the streets were caos but to be expected considering there's 6.7million peolpe in Hong Kong. We approched to cross the street with the other 200 peolpe, no word of a lie, the street sign said no crossing but no cars were coming through but yet know one crossed! wow how orgainzed and respectful our these peolpe I thought.. then beep,beep,beep the sign change and everyone went running to the other side like lost chickens finding there way back to the pen so of course we did the same but not really knowing what were looking for.

Found some food in a back alley shop, eat some massive bowls of war wonton and drank beer for about 15hk dollers, then decided we'd turn in for the night.

As I layed in bed that night not really falling asleep as fast as I thought I would I really was content and happy that I had made this trip and it was all seeming to just fall into place.

The one thing that kept coming to mind were the people, the culture, the willingness to help and assist in every possible instance they could, even on the bus's our backpacks were so big and hard to move around but the bus driver smiles and says "please come,come welcome" in Canada they would have left us.

The streets with all but a hint of trash so bare but so busy, the people again smiled talking on cell phone using laptops, eating, drinking....

hrmmmmm Hong Kong wow you have amazed me in only 5hours.

iwade2much says:
well its seems like that was long ago but you can still see some old places in certain spots of the city.
Posted on: Jan 08, 2009
shirlan says:
Haven't been there for years but I know a 22 year old girl that is holidaying there at the moment. I look at her photos and sooooo want to go back. It was an amazing place when I was there. It was still under British rule then but about to change over.
Posted on: Jan 08, 2009
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hong kong
hong kong
hong kong streets
hong kong streets
donwtown hong kong
donwtown hong kong
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