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Rising early I got my stuff together and sat in reception waiting to be picked up for my day long rafting trip of the Pacuare. 50 minutes later and I was finally picked up, doh!!! I could have had an extra half hour in bed!

After picking a few more people up, we headed out of San Jose and passed through cloud forests on our way to the tour operators restaurant for breakfast. Those that were going on multi day trips were going to have to leave any luggage they didn't need here too.

Lunch complete we set continued on for another 45 minutes, where we got off the bus and into the back of a trailor pulled by a tractor which was going to take us down to the put in point. There were only 6 others doing the single day tour, and I joined a family; Andy and his two daughters Maddy and Callie from Colorado.

We got our paddles, life jackets and helmets and headed off down the river, Maddy and Callie up front, Andy and I behind and or guide controlling the raft at the back.

The river was running very low, being the dry season and slow the rapids were a lot more technical but quite slow. Especially compared to the Rio Toro which I'd rafted the week before. Still the dramastic rainforest scenerary made up for the lack of large rapids and we were soon having a good chat about life, work, school (for Maddy & Callie) and  Costa Rica of course. On a few occasions we were able to jump out and go for a swim; I didn't need telling twice, out I jumped and splashed around, floating slowly down the river in the current.

Many hours later, we reached the end of our journey and got out the river. We got back onto the bus and took the short trip back to the restraunt we'd been to that morning for a late lunch. At the restaurant we were able to see all of the photos that had been taken of our trip, I was tempted, but when I heard it was $40 I decided against it (my Rio Toro photo CD had been $25)!

It took a long time to get back to San Jose, the rain was falling again and the fog had closed in around us. I got back to the hostel, met the Canadian from the night before (who was actually in my dorm) and met a few others in the restraunt. We sat there eating, drinking and watching Kill Bill (I thought this was an odd choice of film to show while eating).
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photo by: Isoinspira