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Meeting in reception, we walked down to the bus stop, and boarded the Chicken bus to Rivas. The bus was fairly empty, down to Boxing day I guess, although everything was open (much like Christmas day), I again met the Swiss girl I´d met on the way from Rivas to San Juan. Arriving in Rivas, we jumped in some taxis and made our way to the ferry port for our crossing to the Island of Ometepe. After a short wait, we boarded the "chicken boat", well half the group and all of our luggage did; for some reason the officials decided the boat was too full, however after a bit of wrangling the rest of the group and a load of other people were allowed on board. We lay out on the deck, dozing, reading and listening to our ipods, as the boat crashed its way through the waves across Lake Nicaragua. By this time the sun had really come out, and taken us by surprise; so we all got a bit of colour.
Arriving in port, we jumped (literally) off the boat, grabbed our luggage and made our way to the waiting van. We stopped in the town to by some snacks and water; half of the group (including me) had decided to climb Concepción (the highest of the two Volcanos on Ometepe) so we were buying the necessary food and drinks to get us up the 1600m climb.
We arrived at our hotel, checked in (my room was tiny, and only had a curtain to separate the bathroom part from the rest of the room; still it was kind of clean. After lunch at the hotel (we were in the middle of nowhere so didn´t have the choice of eateries), Martin gave us a description of what we could do and warned us that Concepción would be a difficult climb and we needed to be prepared for it; undeterred Anna, Eliza, Dave, Naomi and I signed up for it (which meant for pride´s sake Martin would have to join us) Marijana decided to join us, but said she only wanted to walk as far as the first view point.
Lunch out the way, Julie and I rented to bikes and set up along the dirt track to see the island. We bounced along, up and down slopes, and because of the rough going were faster than most of the other vehicles (except motorbikes) on the track. Then, after only about 5KM, the rusty old chain on my "nail" of a bike gave out and snapped ...ARSE! We had a good look at it but quickly realised there was no way of fixing it, so I was faced with walking the bike back. Luckily Julie has good Spanish, so we were able to flag down the next passing pick up and they agreed to give me a lift back to the hotel. So I threw the bike in the back, jumped in myseld and waved goodbye to Julie (she was going to continue on to see what she could find - good, i'd have done the same in her position). Bounce, bounce, we slowly made our way back down the dirt track and back to the hotel, where i jumped out of the pick up, retrived the bike and bunged the driver a note in thanks.
For the rest of the afternoon I lay in a hammock read my book and listened to my music, occasionally getting sprayed from the lake. The wind was really whipping across the lake, and the small beach was completely flooded.
We met for dinner, which again we had for dinner and we finalised our plans for the next day; we´d all meet around 05.45, have breakfast and then start the long hike up Concepción.
Due to the time we had to get up the next day, i had dinner and went straight to bed (as did everyone else).
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Isla de Ometepe
photo by: Clarafina