New Year's Eve ... Good bye 2008!

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New Year's Eve was upon us, the last day of a pretty good year I thought.
I got up early and got picked up for the rafting at 08.30, the majority of the group had opted for this option. After picking up many other intrepid adventurers we finally headed off to the river, arriving we were given our life jackets, helmets and paddle. We then split into to groups for the rafts; as there were 8 of us we split into two groups of 4, Martin, Dave and Naomi with me, to make up the numbers we were also joined by Toby from Canada. Agnethe, Anna, Eliza and Hariette were to be in a raft on there own.
Walking down to the river, we met with our guides and got into the rafts. What followed was a fantastic few hours of thrills and spills... Martin was ejected out of the boat twice, the first time he had to ride two of the rapids out the boat, he was certainly glad to be finally pulled back into the raft.
The next time we hit a massive rapid an bang... Martin and Toby were thrown out of the raft... luckily they didn't go far and we were able to pull them in fairly quickly. Finally we came towards the end, went down a simple rapid and wooosh I found myself falling backwards into the water, I was able to stay next to the boat and was pulled in to the straight away. The rafting was brilliant fun, and all of us came off the river wanting to do it again as soon as possible... it pretty much made up my mind about whether I was going to raft the Pacuare or not.
We got changed out of our wet clothes and went for our included lunch time, which considering was very good. Come 15.00 we were back in La Fortuna and planning our celebrations to last year out, starting with a trip to the supermarket to buy some drinks.
I then spent the afternoon relaxing, and having a few drinks and chatting; the girls were all making themselves beautiful, straightening their hair, doing their make up etc. Having smartened up and showered myself, we set off for our dinner and the start of celebrations. Finishing a very nice dinner we paid up, gave a generous tip and headed out into the night for the "Volcano Disco", it was the only "club" in the local area and so our only option to party, still we were all in pretty good spirits.
We got to the club somewhat early, so there were very few people in there, drinking the free beer we were handed when we walked in we sat by the side of the dance floor and wondered what we'd let ourselves in for. The club started filling up and the drinks were flowing, onto the dance floor we went and the party truelly began.
The locals were showing us up hugely, dancing salsa and local variations, while all we could do is bounce around and wildly wave our arms around in the air! Soon there were professional dancers on the stage and the atmosphere stepped up a gear, the music being a combination of Western dance music, and spanish fusion.
Midnight came, and we all danced and hugged, an hour and a half later and I was knackered, it had been a good if not different evening, so i headed out and got a taxi back to the hotel and hit the sack. Looking forward to the hot springs the next evening.

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La Fortuna
photo by: jeannajumps