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After a night of being quite ill, I came to the conclusion I wouldn't be able to go on the tour of the cloud forest this morning, and would be best to spend my time in bed resting and recovering and trying to stay hydrated. Martin knocked on the door at 07.00 to see if I was coming on the tour, but I had to tell him no. I was gutted, I had been looking forward to seeing what a cloud forest was like and what animals/ bird live in it. I also quickly realised I wouldn't be able to zipline in the afternoon and was very glad I hadn't booked anything the day before.

Come 11.00 that morning, I was starting to feel slighty better; having exhausted my water supply I thought I'd better to in to town to get some bits and pieces, I also hoped the fresh air may do me some good. So I headed out and staggered off to town, my legs were still destroyed from the Volcano two days previous. I made it to the Supermarket and got myself some water, yoghurt drink (i reasoned the good bacteria in yoghurt must be good for me surely), some isotonic sports drinks (the sugars would be good for me, I hoped) and a small box of Rice Crispies cereal. I then headed to the bank, meeting Karen on the way; the group were back from the cloud forest. Apparently very few had made it as the majority of the group had been struck down by this mysterious illness and had been ill in the night and some still were. Leaving Karen I continued to the bank, and had to stand in line for 20 minutes before I could get to the counter and exchange my US Dollars for Colones; at least twice while waiting I felt faint and thought I was going to be in trouble, but luckily I got through it.
Heading back to the hotel I found some of the group assembled outside waiting to be picked up for ziplining; Martin was there with a jug with an odd looking liquid substance in it. Apparently it was guava tea and meant to be a natural remedy for our stomach problems, I tentatively took a cup (figuring I had nothing to lose) and tried some; it tasted like a combination of soup and tea, quite odd but not too unpleasant. I even managed a second cup.
Those who were going ziplining were picked up, so I headed back to my room to sleep more. For the rest of the day I dozed, read my book and drank my drinks I'd bought. I also ate my rice crispies dry, my only food since lunchtime yesterday! At 19.00 I decided I may as well go to sleep and hope I'd be feeling okay for our journey to La Fortuna.

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photo by: smhirsch